How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5

This page is absolutely dedicated to Samsung Galaxy S5 rooting tutorials and will be updated on regular basis as they updates are released.

We have published several tutorials for almost every variant of Samsung Galaxy S5 including the Exynos and Snapdragon 801 variants that includes T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, Canadian, LTE and other International models Samsung has released worldwide.

how to root galaxy s5Samsung Galaxy S5 was officially released with Android OS 4.4.2 KitKat but as of now in 2018, Samsung has released Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and using cf-auto root you can still root it by downloading the updated file. I have updated the complete post and you should have no issues with rooting your device.

Rooting your Android device gives you endless opportunities to get most out of your device, like Installing Custom Recovery, Custom ROM, Mods and Kernels which helps you to boost the performance of your device further.

Once rooted you can also install apps from Google Play Store that requires root access.


We most of the time use the CF-Root root method developed by the Chainfire, a recognized XDA developer, and contributor.

This method is a safe and perfect way to root the Android device and is this is almost available for all Samsung devices.

I will always recommend this method to my readers as this is the easiest and quick way to get rooted and additionally it does not requires rocket science knowledge and thus can also be called, OneClickRoot method as it uses Odin3 Samsung tool to flash the rooted kernel and install SuperSU on your Galaxy S5.

Things you should know before Rooting:

  •  Rooting your Galaxy S5 will void its manufacturer warranty, so think before you root your phone.
  • You’ll need a Windows-based PC.
  • Before Rooting, make sure you’ve installed USB drivers on your PC.
  • From Settings enable USB debugging. Don’t know? Learn Here
  • Make sure that you’ve got good enough battery charge on your phone, at least 50% is recommended.
  • Last but not the least proceed at your risk.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 (2019 updated guide)

As I said earlier, this is a dedicated page for rooting almost any model of Samsung Galaxy S5, and I have published a step by step guide for each variant separately.

Links are given below to root for the particular variant of Samsung Galaxy S5.

When publishing this post, Galaxy S5 was officially released with Android 4.4 KitKat, but Samsung has released Android updates that include Android Lollipop and Marshmallow.

So before rooting your S5 make sure that you check Android version and Build number already installed on your phone by going to Settings > System > About device.

So before complaining that rooting does not work on your device make sure that you’ve confirmed Android version and build Id on your device settings and make sure that it matches with CF-auto root file.

Here is the list of all Galaxy S5 models that has been rooted and confirmed to be working on the particular version of Android.

Variants of Galaxy S5 waiting for Root:

  • AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5

UPDATE: Finally XDA recognized developer had rooted the AT&T and Verizon variants of Samsung Galaxy S5. You can now easily root your phone.

Don’t worry!! These devices will be rooted very soon…

For all future releases and updates related to Rooting Galaxy S5 keep visiting this page, as we will be continuously updating this page is new updates are released for the Galaxy S5.

Currently rooting files for all variants of Galaxy S5 is still not available, once released by Chainfire, we’ll very quickly publish it so that you’re able to safely and successfully root your device.

If you do have queries or confused, do let us know in the comment section, and we’ll try our best to respond as quickly as possible. For more Android tips and tutorials, keep visiting.

If you’ve found this page useful, share it with your friends who may have got the same device. Also, do not forget to share your views and feedback.

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    • Hopefully you have read post carefully, I have already mentioned, some of the variants like AT&T and Verizon are still waiting for the CF-Root, as currently this is the only method to gain root access.

      • Right, but your Title says ALL – Click-baiting. The title should replace (All Variants) to (Excluding Verizon & AT&T)

      • You stated “UPDATE: Finally XDA recognized developer has rooted the
        AT&T and Verizon variants of Samsung Galaxy S5. You can now easily
        root your phone.” How about a link or information on this? Just a thought.

    • I agree, I feel like I was supposed to meet a beautiful girl for a classy dinner, and I was cornholed by a large man named bubba. All means all, beautiful girl does not mean cornholed.

  1. How long until the SM-G900A? I am new to androids so I’m not really familiar with how log this kind of thing takes.

    • Well Verizon and AT&T has made it really difficult rooting your phone. As I have said earlier, xda developers are working hard and exactly don’t know, how much time should it take, it completely depends on developers.

  2. Hello,

    I have the S5 SM G900V (Verizon) And i would like to put the system in french. I think the only way is to root it. Do you have some information when it will be avaible to root S5 on Verizon ?

  3. black color with special flip design and exact size of the battery cover to samsung galaxy s5/g9006, it is high quality protector,totally 5 colors in stock, black, white,blue, dark blue and coffee color, cost USD4.2 each ,source search at gadget2us

      • How about you update the title until it is available? You’re really a shady person and I wish I could take away my page view…

      • All of “you” Commenters are morons! Imran doesn’t have to do all the
        dirty work of Rooting your phone’s for you, but he still does, even
        after all the crap “you” give him. “You” should all be thanking him for
        all his hard work and dedication. Thank You Imran!

      • Okay so …true it’s aggravating having misleading titles people are taking it out on you that millions of stupid fu#$ do this intentionally wasting people’s time and making the web inefficient but thanks for your help support and advice though perhaps be more tedious with your titles in the future

  4. Title of this article is Clickbait. This page is the top hit on google for “Verizon Galaxy S5 Root” and it’s there because of the misleading title.

  5. You use lines like “for almost each variant”, “almost any model” and “almost available for all Samsung devices.” in your article, Update the Title of this page to match accordingly. This is Click-Baiting at its worst!

    • OK Boss!! I will try to change it…. If you people do have some problem with the title. Everyone on the web has given the same title. Even though I have already clarified that only AT&T and Verizon are on the waiting list, for the rest of the variants root is working perfectly…

  6. Here is an example of correct use: “ALL of the authors of this post are click-baiting”. That is the correct use of the word “ALL”.

  7. what part of the english language does the stupid author not understand? that “all including Verizon and AT&T” doesn’t equate to still waiting for AT&T and Verizon!!

  8. This is a very intentional misleading article title that is nothing more that link bait. The thread title states that the thread is a how to for all variants which is clearly not the case. The author even admitted that but still does not change the thread title.

  9. He is making good money with this title, All variant. Everybody click this page and 10 cents go to his packet think it about thousands people clicking here .

  10. Lies! What a bunch of crap. Here I am, looking at this stupid page on my un-rootable Verizon S5. Lamers.

  11. the proof “The team over at XDA-Developers is offering a pretty major bounty for the first person who is able to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S5 for rooting. Samsung, AT&T and Verizon won’t offer a solution, and S5 owners are in their seventh week of waiting. This is basically seven years in the tech world, so fed up users pooled together their cash to create the bounty. Right now, its at $17,970 and rising. You can get $10,055 for Verizon’s version, $7,915 for AT&T, or all the loot for a solution to both providers. “

  12. ODIN won’t recognize my phone. I’ve installed the latest version (v3.09), latest version of Samsung USB Drivers (re-installed more than 15 times), USB debugging is enabled…
    Please help.

    Edit : I’m using SM-G900H

  13. I just bought a used S5 and isis says the phone is rooted but I can’t find any evidence that it is actually rooted and the person I bought it from said it wasn’t rooted? How can I check to see if it is rooted?

  14. All of “you” Commenters are morons! This guy doesn’t have to do all the dirty work of Rooting your phone’s for you, but he still does, even after all the crap “you” give him. “You” should all be thanking him for all his hard work and dedication. MORONS!

  15. I root my phone and after root the phone my s5 is frozen on this image? What can I do ? I don’t have backup factory restore??? I need help please??? Email me please [email protected] thank you for helping

  16. I have t-mobile and i root my phone and after root the phone my s5 was working for 30 min and after 30 min is frozen on samsung galaxy by Android my phone is like this about 8 days… i can’t do anything just i can go on recovery booting? What cant do to fix this? I don’t have backup. I need help please??? Email me please [email protected] thank you for helping

  17. Galaxy s5 on att.. when try to root, after pressing make it rain, it says phone not supported. I’m confused can I root or not using this method

  18. Hello tausif, this question is for u or anybody on the thread. I just got a att gs5 but i unlocked it so could use MetroPCS network on it. I’m just wondering what’s the best way to root the phone since it was programmed for att but now it’s MetroPCS. Thanks a lot and hope u will read this snd help me out with a solution 🙂

  19. Hi. I have a G900H model of the S5 and my big problem is the “gpsd” function draining most of my battery. Samsung has already told me there is nothing they can do.
    I did a full factory reset and disabled all the other location functions I could find in other posts on the web.
    If I root my phone (having never done something like that before), will I have more control over the phone and be able to remove or rename the “gpsd” file?
    I just want to make sure before I go through all the trouble.

  20. I have a SM-G900R7 and there is still no root for this, how long should I wait for a root to be released? Is it safe to assume that one will never come out for this model?

  21. When will there be an update? It seems like everyone is asking, but there is no answering. The AT&T root does not work, and I am completely sick of not having my Mobile Data button not showing in the system tray.

  22. hi I am new to rooted android.
    and I wonder if I root my 1month old s5, will the phone be reset to factory? Or will pictures /contact still be on the phone?

  23. The point is boss if you give us bad information we hard brick our phones and I know you can’t fix that. If you have information about Verizon and Samsung Galaxy S5 then say so. Otherwise, we don’t need you’re BS to read more crap on how to root. Things have gone way downhill over the last five years.

  24. My phone got bricked because you failed to mention that I needed to uncheck block reactivation in security options. You better have a way to unbrick it without losing my apps and data. I’m stuck at the T-Mobile screen and it keeps vibrating. I tried all your fixes and none of them have worked.

    • You need to STFU! You bricked your phone nobody else did. Before you talk shit how about YOU create a program that will root phones, YOU spend weeks or longer trying to find an exploit that’ll allow root access. Until then pull the cock out your ass and shove it in your mouth so we don’t have to hear your BS being spewed everywhere. Hopefully you brick every phone you ever get bc you truly are a POS lameass!

  25. I understand the morons stating since it does state all varients. I unfortunately can’t root mine since it isn’t a main carrier any idea if ntelos will be on the list soon. Thanks for what you have done as well.

  26. Article is somewhat misleading but has some points to go on at least. Note: the article will not serve everyone fully (including me) 🙂

  27. I have Galaxy S5 that was originally on AT&T and is now unlocked and on Metro PCS. So this is most likely still AT&T?

  28. What about rooting the sm900v6 (or 6v, I’m tired) the chinese unicorn version as they call it. Been searching high and low.
    Anyone have a clue?

  29. I have a SM-S902L and I can’t seem to find a link anywhere on how to root my phone. If someone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

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