How to root AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5

At last AT&T Galaxy S5 has been rooted by the XDA recognized developer Geohot.These are the exact step-by-step instructions to root your phone using the towelroot app. This rooting method is really simple and can be called the easiest way to root AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900A.

Before you start rooting your phone, please note that rooting does voids warranty and therefore proceed at your risk.

Please note that when this root method was released, Samsung Galaxy S5 was running Android 4.4 KitKat and since then it has received Android updates over a couple of years including Android Lollipop and Marshmallow. So before you complain about it’s not working is because your phone is running a new update and may not work. Unfortunately, The US variants of Galaxy S5 including AT&T and Verizon have locked bootloader and therefore it is extremely hard to root it but thanks to the developer who somehow was able to find a root exploit.

Root AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5

  • First, download the latest version of the towelroot app from HERE.
  • Connect your Galaxy S5 to PC via the USB cable and Copy the apk file.
  • Go to Settings > Security and check the Unknown Sources.
  • Now navigate to the storage directory where you’ve placed the apk file.
  • Install it.
  • Launch the towelroot app.
  • Tap on the make it ra1n.
  • Wait for the rooting process to complete. When done, your phone will automatically reboot.
  • To install SuperSU app which grants root permission to your device. Download it from HERE.
  • Unzip the folder and copy the Superuser.apk from the Common folder to your phone.
  • Just like the other apk file, install it.
  • That’s it; you’ve now successfully rooted the AT&T Galaxy S5.
  • To verify root access, you can also install the Root Checker app from the Google Play Store.
  • Also, do not forget to update the SuperSU binary from the Play Store.
  • Congratulations!! Your AT&T Galaxy S5 has successfully been rooted.

That’s it, folks, it was a simple guide on how to safely and successfully get root access on the Samsung Galaxy S5 variant of AT&T. Feel free to ask for further support and queries. Do let us know and share your experience. For more Rooting Tutorials keep visiting.

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  1. Imran, thanks for the effort, but I think your instructions are not very clear for anyone who is not familiar with the process, for example:

    “First download the latest version of towelroot app from HERE.”- when I go “HERE” all I get is gibberish appearing in my browser; by calling it an “app” my expectation (which may be my problem) is that would have been something I download to my phone.

    Another example:
    “Connect your Galaxy S5 to PC via the USB cable and Copy the apk file.”

    where is the apk file, where do I copy it “from” and “to”

    Anyway, thanks for posting this, I just find your instructions too unclear to give me any comfort. You should also maybe post something that shows people how to revert if the process doesn’t work.

  2. ive gotten my ATT s5 to root successfully (iHope).. but.. what tether app can i use successfully. Whole point of rooting for me. i still have my unl data plan. plz help.

    note foxfi (with and w/o add on thru playstore) prompts me to contact att to add tethering.

  3. I was able to successfully root my Samsung Galaxy S5. Thanks! However, when the phone restarts, Lookout pops a warning message saying that Towelroot enables root. Can I get rid of this message, but still use Lookout Security?

  4. Bought my S5 SM-G900A last week from AT&T Store. tr.apk is no-go, when I click on “make it rain” it comes back with “phone is not supported”. Any suggestions?

  5. What is the latest version of towelroot. I tried the site above but when I click on the lamda i get a page load of ascii characters. Any advice. TIA

  6. Is there or is there going to be an update for the newer ATT GS5’s running Android 4.4.2? Tried to root and have the same problem as others “phone not supported”

  7. When I download the apk, my spamware kicks up an alert saying there is a trojan in the apk and it could not repair it. so I delete the apk just to make sure. anyone else get that alert?

  8. It did not work on any of Samsugn Device I tried with Samsung Galaxy S4 — SGH-I337 ATT and Samsung Galaxy S5 – SM-G900A. All post should be updated regularly.

  9. Please you need to test stuff before posting it for non technical users like me. This doesn’t work shows a message, “This phone isn’t currently supported.” If two years old phone is not supported then I feel sorry for S6 and S7 owners. I only want to remove ATT bloatwares to make space on internal storage.

  10. This is BS! TOWEL ROOT clearly states that my sm-G900a is NOT SUPPORTED…even with the provided momod strings.

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