Update Galaxy Ace 2 to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Using CyanogenMod 10.2

We recently, posted Rooting Tutorial for Samsung Galaxy Ace 2, If you’ve got root access, You probably would be looking for Custom ROMs in order to run the latest version of Android OS available. Well, officially you can only run the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, However there are custom ROMs available which lets you enjoy Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Follow the complete step by step Custom ROM installation tutorial to Flash CyanogenMod 10.2 Nightly Build for Galaxy Ace 2.

Guidelines and Requirements:

  1. Update Guide is only for Galaxy Ace 2 GT-I8160. Do not apply this update on another variant of Ace 2, it won’t work and may brick your device.
  2. Make sure your phone is already rooted and you’ve installed custom recovery.
  3. Flashing Custom ROM will wipe and erases all data stored on your internal storage, it is therefore recommended that you perform backup of your data. Use these Android Backup Apps.
  4. Enable USB Debugging by going to phone settings> Development or Developers Options.
  5. Before you proceed, just make sure that you’ve got plenty of battery charge on your device to perform the installations.
  6. Last but not the least, proceed at your own risk.


How to – Updating Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 GT-8160 to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Using  CyanogenMod 10.2 Nightly

STEP 1. Connect your phone to PC via the USB Cable and copy the downloaded files to your SD Card.

STEP 2. Disconnect your phone from PC and Reboot it into Recovery Mode:

-Power Off your phone

– Press and hold the Volume UP + Home + Power buttons all together for a few seconds, until you see the Recovery Options menu.

STEP 3. It is highly recommended that you first perform Nandroid Backup of your existing ROM and Settings, so that if you later decided to restore back, it will help you.

You May Read – Nandroid Backup – How to Backup and Restore

STEP 4. Perform the following task to prepare your device for new installations:

– Format/Wipe Data

– Now then select the “Cache Partition” to delete the existing data

– And also delete the “Dalvik cache” from the advance section.

STEP 5. Choose the “install zip from SD card” from Recovery main menu and navigate to the directory, where you’ve placed the zip file. Confirm to flash.

STEP 6. Once it is completely flushed, Use the same method to flash GApps package, which will install Google Apps on your phone.

STEP 7. Finally when all the steps are completed successfully, head over to main menu and Reboot your phone using the Reboot or Reboot System Now.

That’s it folks, It was all you needed to know and learn in order to safely and successfully Flash Custom ROM on your Galaxy Ace 2. Congrats! You’ve now successfully updated your Galaxy Ace 2 to Android 4.3 and enjoy the new features, it probably would have optimized your device performance. Do let us know and share your experience in the comment section below. Find it useful? Well give us a favor using the sharing buttons below.

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  1. Hi, replaced my stock ROM, phone works properly, but gapps did not install during the process. Currently I can’t access recovery mode (googling didn’t bring any solution) – Vol Up+Home+Power only start download mode. I can only call and SMS. Please help me with installing gapps, so I can use google.play. I installed gmail apk from unzipped file, but it do not start at all.

  2. it worked but can you help me why i cant download anything from playstore? it didnt show any error report but the download line always loading

    • Boot into Recovery mode and try the following:

      – Format/Wipe Data

      – Now then select the “Cache Partition” to delete the existing data

      – And also delete the “Dalvik cache” from the advance section.

  3. Cyanogenmod has loaded for all the night for the first boot, after I’ve forgotten the step 4.
    Now my phone is much faster than when it was running on Android 4.1.2, I can use it like a real human (no more freeze or lags 🙂 )
    Juste a little problem, i have to delete my uselless contacts one by one, I haven’t found an option to delete a plemty of contacts :/

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