Skype Users in India Can Make Free Calls to Canada and U.S


If you have ever wanted to call all the landline and mobile numbers in USA and Canada via Skype then now could be a very good time, at least for Indian users of Skype. The company has announced that users in India can make free calls to all the mobile and landline numbers in the USA and Canada until 1st March, 2015. Yes, you can actually make as many free calls as you want if you are living in India right now. This offer is valid until March next year, so don’t forget to connect with your friends and family living abroad.

You don’t need to have a premium account with Skype credits, all you need is a free Skype account and a stable Internet connection to avail this amazing offer by Microsoft. To call anyone in the USA or Canada, just dial the number from the Skype dialer as you normally would and watch your call magically connect without you having a single buck in your Skype account. There are no limitations on how many calls you can make or for how long a single call lasts. You can call as many people as you want if they are in the US or Canada. Don’t make calls to strangers and annoy them though.

This offer works with all versions of Skype on all platforms Android, Windows, Mac, etc you can avail this offer from every device you have Skype on. If you are looking for Skype for your Android phone then you can easily download it from here. Once downloaded and installed on your Android phone, you can start making free calls to your friends and family living in the US or Canada as long as you are living in India.

Comment below and let us know what you think about this amazing promotion by Skype in India. Do you think Skype should offer the same deal in other countries as well?


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