You all have heard of exhibitions and the first thing which strikes someone’s mind is that it must be of something boring like books or flowers. Till now exhibitions were never associated with youth.

Something will change the trend. And that something is Japan!

In its strive to be ahead of all nations, Japan has always proven itself to be on top regardless of all the calamities the country has faced. Presenting an exhibition of Galaxy note edge and Gear S watch, Japan once again makes it big.

Samsung Japan announced that it is going to conduct a nationwide exhibition in Japan for its new Galaxy note edge and Gear S watch from 18th September. Eighteen stores across the country has participated to play the host.

EDION Toyota head office, Bic Camera Shinjuku Nishiguchi store, Bic Nagoya Station Nishi-ten, Namba Bic Camera store, Bic Camera Yurakucho, Yamada Denki LABI Shinagawa Oimachi store, Yamada Denki LABI1 Japan home office (Ikebukuro), Yodobashi Camera Shinjuku Nishiguchi head office and the Yodobashi Camera Multimedia stores in Akiba, Umeda, Kawasaki Rufuron, Kichijoji, Kyoto, Kinshicho, Sapporo, Sendai, Hakata and Yokohama will be taking part

On the day tokyo game show will start in Japan, Samsung will also present its Gear VR headset.

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