Is it a ballpoint pen or a stylus? Samsung unveils it!

No, Samsung has not started a new stationary business. However, you will be amazed to hear that Samsung has unveiled the all new EJ-PG900C Cross Ballpoint C Pen that not only works as a pen, but also as a stylus. It shows that Samsung things out of the box to impress mammoth of its users! Be it your tablet or a smartphone, the two-in-one effect can work for all.

You must have heard about Cross isn’t it? Well, Samsung has associated with Cross to form this beautiful instrument. The pen or the stylus has a modern and a slim design. If you want to convert the pen into a stylus, simply flip the C-Pen and you are ready to doodle! It has a capacitive tip which is extremely efficient enough to do anything you want!

Go to your office with this pen clipped in your pocket and convert it into a stylus when you want to work with your phone. Forget about taking the mobile device’s stylus every time!

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