Apple lags behind; Samsung sells more LTE phones!

Apple is renowned for its high-end smartphones, but Samsung makes it to the top with its LTE (Long Term Evolution) phones in the second quarter of 2014. It was reported that Galaxy S5 did not perform well and hampered Samsung’s expectations, but definitely it sold more LTE phones as compared to Apple. With a total sale of 26.8 million LTE smart phones, Samsung became the world’s largest LTE smartphone marketer.

At the first quarter of 2014, Apple was at an increasing graph in regards to the LTE smartphones where it captured 40.5 percent of the market share. However, it lowered to 31.9 percent in the last quarter. IPhone users might be possibly waiting for the grand opening of iPhone 6 as it is equipped by special design and a larger screen (4.7 inches).

The greatest advantage of Samsung is, it has a broad range of tablets and samrtphones with 4G connectivity priced as low as 300 dollars. For example the Galaxy Core Lite has got a good recognition and people loved it because of its price and functionalities. It has successfully spread its 4G LTE devices to countries like China and India where it was previously restricted to Korea, Europe and US.

Samsung has also declared that Galaxy S5 4G will be available in India challenging Apple 5S.

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