How to Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite (WiFi SM-T110)

Today we are going to root Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite (WiFi SM-T110) using the method released by the xda member gr8nole.The tutorial is really simple, quick and easy to follow. In a short summary, first we’ll flash the ClockworkMod custom recovery using Odin3 and then we’ll flash universal rooting zip package via the Recovery. That’s it and your tablet will be rooted. Rooting your android tablet gives you so many privileges like installing apps from Play Store which requires root access, using Custom Recovery you can flash custom kernels, ROMs, Mods and much more.. If you’ve decided to root your tablet, let’s move on and get started.

how to root samsung galaxy tab 3 lite sm-t110

Rooting your Galaxy Tab 3 will voids its warranty and therefore proceed at your own risk. We Android Central and the developer shall not be responsible, if in case you damaged your device!!


  1. Rooting guide is only for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite WiFi SM-T110
  2. Install USB drivers on your PC. If Samsung Kies is installed that’s ok otherwise get it from HERE.
  3. It would be a good idea, if you take backup of your data stored on your device.
  4. Go to Settings> Developers Options and Enable USB debugging.
  5. Before your proceed for the rooting procedure, make sure you’ve got good enough battery charge on your device.
  6. Do not skip any step as stated in the tutorial!!

Download the Required Files:

How to Flash Custom Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite WiFi SM-T110

Step 1: Download the required files and place it on your desktop.

Step 2: Extract the Odin zip file and run it.

Step 3: Turn Off your tablet and Reboot it into Download Mode, Hold down the ‘Home+Volume Down+Power’ buttons at the same time and release it when you see a warning message on your screen. Further hit the ‘Volume Up’ to continue.

Step 4: Connect your Galaxy Tab 3 to PC via the USB data cable. Make sure that Odin detects your device.

Step 5: In Odin3 make sure that you only check the ‘F. Reset Time’ and rest leave the default settings:

Installing Recovery using Odin v3.09

Step 6: Hit the AP button in Odin and Select the recovery.tar.md5 file from the extracted folder.

Step 7: Wait for Odin to analyze the files and once done, hit the START button to start flashing CWM recovery on Galaxy Tab 3 Lite.

Step 8: Once done, Odin3 will notify you and you’ll notice the “RES OK” in message section.

Step 9: Now Reboot your phone into Custom Recovery by Pressing and Holding the ‘Volume Up+Home+Power‘ buttons simultaneously.

Once you’re booted into Custom Recovery, Now you can reboot your device and proceed further to gain root access.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite SM-T110

Step 1: Connect your tablet to PC and Copy the file to your phone memory.

Step 2: Reboot your tablet into custom recovery mode as you did above.

Step 3: In the Recovery Menu, Select Install Zip from SD Card and navigate to Storage Directory and select root zip package files you’ve recently transferred to your tablet.

Step 4: Once flushed successfully, head back to the main menu, and Reboot your phone using the option ‘Reboot your system now’.

Step 5: Once rebooted normally, Check that SuperSU has been installed.

Congratulations!! You have successfully installed Custom Recovery and Rooted your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite. You can now enjoy full root access to your android tablet. Enjoy and leave your feedback in the comment section below. If you do need further assistance, do let us know. For Android Rooting Tutorials, keep visiting.

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    • You’re welcome!! By the way thanks for leaving a good feedback..

  • luis

    hello friends need help do not find this recovery.tar.md5

    • Link was broken and it has been updated..

  • TehRobot

    While “Rooting” the device I get to step three then get “unable to verify whole-file signature” and then it just reboots

    • Hey read my reply to Leo Silva Souza and try it.

      • Bryan Farley

        Trying to do that and having some difficulty actually doing it. Mind breaking it down barney style for me please?

  • Αποστόλης General

    I just can not get access on Custom Recovery mode … could anyone help me please ?

    • Rishanth Bûïlt Ôn Spéèd

      you have to wait about 5mins after samsung logo apears!!!! yeap its slow!!!!!

  • Leo Silva Souza

    The root does now work. It always fail with error “Unable to verify whole-file signature” during the installation (Step 3).

    • Hey Leo you can try downloading SuperSU from here and flash it using the same instructions as mentioned above:
      Do let me know?

      • Leo Silva Souza

        I use Linux. To tackle this problem, I used the Heimdall Frontend. But it is giving the following error when selecting the T110.CWM.v6.0.4.8.tar.md5 file:
        “Firmware.xml the package is missing”

      • Leonardo Avellar

        Tried with this zip and got the same error from before. D:

        • When you flashed the Recovery, It should work. Just reboot it into Recovery Mode and Flash it. Just give it another try..

    • Francesco Nuzzi

      Dear All,

      I found the solution for signature issue. You have to replace CWM with TWRP (via Odin) and then install android-armeabi-universal-root-signed from SD. This will allow to skip the error

  • coldassasin2013

    I am having the same problem, please send me a video tutorial on how to root. I have been wanting to root for a long lime now, and it would be very helpful if you could help me.Thank you for sending me the video, and will visit this site more often, as well as share it around the world.

  • polcap

    just as TehRobot..
    device reboots after message ” unable to verify……”
    I read the reply you made to Leo Silva and I did as described..
    still does not work.
    I tried four times with same results.
    does not work…

    • Let me check another working tutorial. If there is any I will update you..

      • polcap

        ok thank you


        Please can you help to root my Samsung tab 3 sm-110 this is my email ;

  • Petar

    not working

  • Petar

    need help do you have tutorial video ?

    • Sorry we don’t have any video tutorial, but we can help you to resolve your issue. Just let us know briefly about the errors/problem you’re facing.

      • Petar

        When i install on part 3. the tab just restart to recovery all the time. :/ im stuck there

        • You’re flashing it through CWM Recovery?

          • Petar

            Yes i did wipe/factory now. and install supersu. but when i reboot i cam back on CWM revocery screen again 🙁

          • ìş ìş

            When i get my tab into recovery mod it always restart

        • Wipe/Factory format your phone using the recovery option.. Flash the SuperSU zip via CWM.

          SuperSU download link:
          http://download.chainfire. eu/396/SuperSU/

  • Diogo Polesso

    DEU TUDO CERTO ATE A HORA DA INSTALAÇÃO, no momento que instalo aparece na instalação:
    E: failed to verify whole-file signature
    E: failed to verify whole-file signature
    E: signature verification failed


  • IlHaM713

    thank broo ..

    it’s work 100% nothing error/stuck

  • Elezar

    My tablet sm-t110 doesn’t give me a developers option or debugging mode … what gives?

    • Go to Settings >> About device and tap the Build Number for about 7 times which should enable the Developers Options.

      • Elezar

        Alright thank you man … Your awesome
        Never would have figured that out

  • Elezar

    Hey Imran buddy do you know any thing about cheat engine for games?

    • Squantieboy De Temmerman

      If you are rooted you can installatie freedom, you can installatieit from 4 shared or if you wants the cracked playstore you can download lucky patcher

  • ìş ìş

    I can’t root my device after i finish the step of odin and i hold #volume up-home button-POWER BUTTON# it get me to the samsung logo and it restart regulary and when when i turn of my device and make it into recovey mod it don’t get my to clockworld mod and i install the file from choosing install zip from sd card and when i install it , it say error under the android logo and when i open root checker it say sorry you don’t have root access

  • PMboy

    Stuck on recovery menu help pleaase!!!!!!!!!!!!! everytime i hit reboot it just loads up the recovery menu and cant get to the home screen

    • Tj Bradley

      I know this is a old post and you may of already resolved it, but you have to reflash the stock recovery and factory reset. After that you may restore your custom recovery and be able to boot

      • luke novak

        how do u do that I have the same problem please help me!

  • Victor Setiawan Hartanto

    I got the whole-file signature verification error, but I noticed my recovery mode isnt TWRP but the default one. so I figured I tried patching CWM via Odin, and thing got worse, my device wont boot into recovery at all, it kept rebooting infinitely LOL
    as a last effor I patched it back to TWRP via Odin, and guess what… the recovery mode boots into TWRP… hahaha… installed SuperSU fine, and now my device is rooted. I hope that helps, panicked a bit due to the cwm looping boot XD

    My device: SM-T111

  • rj luna

    Man i love you so much!!!
    thnx alot!!

  • Ro Castillo

    I rebooted my tab after flash recovery step 9 its just a blank screen

  • Brandon Nagy

    hey thanks everything you guys do worked perfect.

  • sid

    my tab got bricked

  • Tom

    I followed all steps and gained root access with no problem. I rebooted and attempted to open supersu and immediately got a notice saying the binary needed to be updated. I followed the prompt and it enterred recovery mm mode and began installing some files. Then stopped and informed me that proceeding could disable root access. And asked if i wanted to cancel or continue. I pressed cancel. It then immediately rebooted, except it wouldnt boot, it only booted up to custom recovery. Now thats all i can do. I cannot get it to boot normally.

  • Squantieboy De Temmerman

    When i want to flash the CWM file with odin, odin says “MD5 hash is invalid”

  • harrybarracuda

    Root Zip Package link is dead.

  • Cris

    the root zip package link is dead, Please replace…

    • Hi Cris it is now updated. Thanks for the head up!

  • aravind

    do not see developers option

    • Go to Settings > About device and tap the build number for about 7 times and it should prompt you to enable the developer options.

  • josue ramos

    It not install cmw recovery In my tab3 sm t110 Canadian model it count on download mode but not boot to cmw then boot to factory recovery

  • Andreas

    Hi, where can I find the ‘android-armeabi-universal-root-signed zip’ file? The ‘root zip package’ listed in the download section above is something else, right?

  • John Warren

    Will not reboot to recovery from Odin process. When I do get there, there is no option for anything to do with zip files…..

  • TheRedstoneMic .

    when i’m booting into download mode, the computer says dissconnected and then connected again always in a loop!

  • Layton Kortman

    once I’m done with the Odin stuff, I can’t get to custom recovery. It just keeps restarting when im doin it

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    ahahahah guy, i dnot know nothing, and i make that in the first time i try… thanks

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    I hate pc

  • CrafterMCPE 71


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  • Gershom Tidus

    uhm by the way, clockworldmod….. cannot install it because i don-t have telephone number….only have tablet

  • Sushant Baral

    setup connection is said and the odin is just like paused

  • Enrique Cocom

    My odin dose not connect to my samum galaxy tab 3 lite what do I do ?

  • GiGi

    I rooted my son’s tablet but now I want to be able to write and install the apps directly to the sd card. Is there a program for that yet? I downloaded the android developer program on my computer and changed the install path but they still seem to intall to internal memory. I used the my files app on the tablet to move some on the files to the sd card also. Can anybody tell me what im doing wrong?

  • Zemlion

    I successfully reached step 5 of flashing the custom recovery but am now stuck. When I click AP, I can’t find the recovery.tar.md5 file anywhere, even though I already downloaded it and can see it on my desktop. I’m not sure what to do now. Help would be much appreciated, thanks.

    • luke novak

      u have to put it in document file that’s where the ap file links to to find the recovery file

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    PLEASS REPLY ME WHO MaKE THIS………Im stuck in #7 they said in the
    meassage that all threds completed.(succeed 0/ faild 0) is this the right one? plssss the owner who make this thing im begging you im just 10 years old….IF YOU DO THIS God GIVE YOU MORE BLESSING
    BECAUSE YoU HELPING PEOPLE… plssss reply..

    • Sorry for the late reply.
      There are 2 steps and I hope you’ve followed both.

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    thank you very much hahshaha ive got my tab rooted gain after total destruction

  • Guiller Oquindo

    actually ive recently rooted my tab 3 lite with twrp recovery from xda but it has several issues when booting to android gui. it cause recovery bootloop and i have to fix it by flashing stock firmware downloaded in google. and i tried the cwm posted here ola haha rooted GAIN

  • Osvaldo Schaukoski Junior

    “Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again.” I guess I just bricked mine…

  • Brandon H

    Is there any way to root this exact device without pc?? I have an android cellphone I rooted with no issues without a computer but cannot get same result with the t110 any help would be appreciated ty Jan 19 2016

  • Andrew James

    I flashed in the custom recovery following the instructions to the letter but was unable to boot to custom recovery. if i try and do it straight from download mode i tried simply holding down the buttons continuously and it would display the first screen in booting then cut back to blank. as long as i held the buttons it would simply repeat that. i then tried booting the device as normal (which worked fine) then turning it off and attempting to boot to the custom recovery but it just boots to stock, can anyone help?

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      thanks! 🙂

  • luke novak

    the usb drivers link is fake

  • Alan Phillips

    If I root the Galaxy tab 3 lite will I be able to add otg. I have iPhones and macs but Bought for a class for son who is learning android programming and using android studio. Wanted device to run his projects on.

  • I’ll try this for my old Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite. Hope it works