How to Fix “Firmware Upgrade encountered an issue” Error on Kies

Most of the times, when you really don’t know, what you’re doing with your device. It could be rooting, installing custom ROM or updating your Samsung device; probably you will encounter with some terrible and annoying errors that soft brick your device. And then what next, your frustration starts 🙂

I always recommend my readers, if you really don’t know what are you doing with your device, then please don’t play the game, because you really don’t have enough info and skills to do that, therefore make it your habit, whenever you try to install something suspicious then try to look about almost on 3 different places, if they say the same thing (Procedure), then go for it.

If you’ve recently encountered this error:

Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again“.

Firmware Upgrade Error on Kies

There is probably a fix for this error, and you can again use your Samsung Smartphone like you’ve been using it before, there is nothing to worry about, all that you need is a PC, and good speed to the internet connect to make your device into working or normal mode quickly.

I noticed some of the users are having issues with Samsung FRP security which is occurred due to hard reset. You would be thinking that flashing the stock firmware using Odin would fix the problem, but it’s not the case. If you’re having the same issue, then you can use this tutorial to bypass Samsung FRP.

How to Fix “Firmware Upgrade encountered an issue” Error on Kies

Step 1. Now make sure you’ve installed Samsung Kies on your PC. If not then Download Here.

Step 2. Pull-out Battery from your device and note down your S/N no or Serial Number of your device.

Step 3. Connect your device to PC.

Step 4. Now launch Samsung Kies and go to Tools -> Firmware Upgrade and Initialization.

Step 5. Now turn on Caps Lock on your Keyboard and type your device model number.


Step 6. Now enter your device S/N or serial number you have noted earlier.


Step 7. Now Kies will Prepare for Firmware upgrade for your device, just hit the ok option. After then Kies will start downloading the firmware upgrade components for your device. And it can take time, depending on your internet speed as well PC.


Step 8. Now follow instructions as stated on the below image and then click on the START UPGRADE.


Step 9. After it starts downloading the Firmware files for your device, as I said earlier, it will take time, depending on your PC and Network Speed.


Step 10. When your device firmware is reinstalled, you’ll see the following message on your screen.

U_F_3Attention Guys:

If the above method did not fix your device then use this tutorial “How to Flash Firmware using Odin for Samsung Devices, ” and I am 100% sure this will fix, recover and unbrick your Samsung phone using Odin3.

I hope by the end of this post you’ve successfully recovered your phone. Don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section and let me know if you need further help and assistance.