LG has always tried to stay apart from the crowd and stand upright amongst all the modern devices.

Today almost all devices look alike. Whether you purchase an expensive mobile or very standard one, sad thing is none of them are able to create a different impression and if you are amongst those do not like to do what everyone is doing then you are in for a good news.

LG presents the all new curvaceous LG Flex which can be regarded as the most classical, sophisticated and modern mobile ever. Earlier LG wanted to conquer Android by its OEM behind Nexus series with flex. Sadly it failed as its high price and large size were little difficult for regular users.

Though it failed, LG is not defeated as the company announced to stride with a second generation of LG G flex later this year. This information has been obtained from a genuine high profile executive of LG. As per the source the G Flex 2 will be smaller in comparison to its predecessor and claims that the display will be even better than full HD.

The first LG G flex did not make much of a mark in sale and wasn’t very popular among XDA’s user. And the owners of this phone haven’t yet had a chance to have the luxury and comfort of androids. This is due to low consumer interest.

It is believed and expected that LG will not make the same mistake again and come back with a bang and sell the new gadget at a price lesser than the earlier 700 USD.

Kudos to the never giving up attitude of LG. Life is really good with these Heroes.

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