How to Root New Google Nexus 7 and Install TWRP Recovery

If you really want to get the most out of your Android device, then probably Unlock Bootloader, Root, Custom Recoveries and then you can install Custom ROM’s and can use the Apps which requires Root access. Applying all these to your Android device, probably unlocks the potential of your device.

The Google Nexus 7 Flo is an amazing android tablet, manufactured under the Google’s umbrella. Recently I posted how to Unlock Bootloader on your Nexus 7 Flo. Today, I will guide you, using the step by step instructions, How to Root and Install TWRP Recovery on your Nexus 7 Flo.

Before we move on further, There are certain prerequisites and guidelines you should know, in order to successfully go through all the steps and root your device.

Preparing Your Device

  • The guide is only for Google Nexus 7 Flo. Do not try this on the older Nexus 7, this can brick your device.
  • Make sure you’ve Unlocked Bootloader on your device. If not then Click Here to Unlock Bootloader first.
  • Another important step, Setup Android ADB and Fastboot on Windows.
  • Also Enable USB Debugging on your New Nexus 7.
  • Be sure that you have more than 50% charge on your Nexus 7.
  • Last but not the least, You’re doing this at your own risk. If you really don’t have any idea, what you’re really doing with your device, then do not play with your device.


  • Click Here to Download SuperSU Root Zip file Package.
  • Click Here to Download TWRP Recovery image file.

How to Root New Google Nexus 7 and Install TWRP Recovery

1. At first, make sure you’ve properly setup ADB and Fastboot on your PC.

2. Locate to your downloaded TWRP Recovery file and for your ease rename it to ‘recovery-twrp‘.

3. You can now connect your Nexus 7 to your PC using Data Cable.

4. Now head over to START Menu->RUN->and type ‘cmd’ and hit Enter

5. In the command line window, type the following and hit enter:

adb devices

6. It will then list your device, if not then make sure you’ve installed USB Drivers as well setup the ADB and Fastboot properly.

7. Now type the following command, to flash the TWRP Recovery on your Nexus 7:

fastboot flash recovery recovery-twrp.img

8. You’ll be notified in the command window, as the recovery is flashed successfully on your device.

So far we have now installed TWRP Recovery on your Nexus 7 Flo, Now follow the instructions to Root your Nexus 7.

Rooting Google Nexus 7 Flo (2013 Edition)

After you’ve installed TWRP Recovery, Now you can easily flash the SuperSU zip file package on your Nexus 7 Flo.

1. First of all locate the SuperSU Zip file package you have downloaded earlier in the download section.

2. After then, connect your Nexus 7 to PC and copy the SuperSU Zip to the root storage of your device memory.

3. Now you need to type the following command, in order to Reboot your Nexus 7 Flo into Recovery Mode:

adb reboot recovery

4. Now on your device, from the recovery options, tap on ‘Install and locate to the folder where you have saved the SuperSU Zip file. After then, ‘Wipe to Flash‘.

5. Within a few minutes it will flash the SuperSU on your Nexus 7 Flo. Now just tap on Reboot System to reboot your device.

At the end, your device should boot normally, now navigate to your apps section and make sure SuperSU App is installed on your device. Open it make sure, everything works properly. You can also download and install ‘Root Checker’ to verify root access on your Nexus 7.

I tried my best to make everything as simple as I could. If in any case, you were confused at any step let me know in the comment section for further support.

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