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If you want to share all your files media, like photos, videos, documents, etc from one device to another device but you really don’t want to use the cloud then you don’t have to worry about it any longer because we bring you one of the best sharing apps that will let you share your files from one device to another device easily without even having to use the cloud at all. Just download and install Sync on your android smartphone and start sharing all the files from one of your device to another device locally without having to use the cloud storage services at all. Sync links your devices locally and securely and no information regarding any of your device or your sharing files is stored on the cloud which makes it the most secure sharing platform for you if you are really worried about your privacy and security. You get on demand access to all your files directly from your PC or Mac. Access all your files and folders from your android device easily with just a few taps on your android smartphone’s screen. Add any number of files and media from your android smartphone to any of the shared and synced folders in this amazing sharing app for android. You can also enable automatic backup option to backup all your photos on your PC from your android smartphone.

If you are actually interested in a secure and safe sharing platform for all your devices then Sync is the perfect service for you that will keep all your sharing needs secured and safe by keeping it off the cloud. All your data and files are completely safe and secure with this amazing service.

Download and install Sync app on your Android smartphone

You can download the great Sync app on your android smartphone for free from here and start sharing all your files securely across different devices.

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