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Are you looking for a new app to do live streams for all your current activities and the events that you are attending? Have you ever wanted to do live video streaming of your current activities and show it to the world by streaming it live on the internet? If you are looking for an app that will allow you to stream all your current activities to the world easily then download and install the amazing and all new Meerkat app on your android smartphone. Meerkat is an all new android app for your smartphone that will let you stream all your current activities around the world with everyone. Once you start a live stream then the link will be posted on Twitter and other social media sites where people can click the link and start watching your live stream of the activities. People will also receive the notifications on their mobile phones once you start your live stream. You can not watch the rerun of your videos because the videos will not be saved online on the meerkat app servers but all the recorder streams will be saved on your mobile on your phone’s storage.

Meerkat is the perfect app for all those people who want to share all their activities live with the world via their mobile phones. If you normally attend a lot of events then this is the perfect app that you should download and install on your android smartphone to share the events that you are attending with the world and even your friends that are also using the app on their android smartphones.

Download and install Meerkat android app on your Android phone

You can download the amazing Meerkat app on your android smartphone from here and start sharing all your activities live with all the world via your android phone.


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