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Jetpack Joyride

Get ready for some fast paced action on your android smartphone with the amazing Jetpack Joyride game for your android device. You will not have a single boring moment once you start playing this immersive and addictive game on your android phone. If you are looking for a fun and exciting way to kill hours and hours of your time then you should definitely download and install this amazing fast paced game on your android smartphone. This game will bring a lot of new and exciting ways to waste your time when you are feeling down or bored. This game gives you control of a guy who loves to fly with the help of exciting new jetpacks. Your job is to get as far ahead as you possibly can because this is one endless running or flying game for your android smartphone. You have to collect coins along the way and fry some scientists that performed some weird experiments on your hero. You have a lot of content in this game so you will never get bored at all. You can unlock a lot of different features in the game to enhance your gameplay even further. there are achievements that you can unlock to make the game even more addictive and replayable.

The gameplay in Jetpack Joyride is very simple. All you have to do is touch the screen to make Barry go higher and leave the screen to go lower. The game starts of slow and easy but eventually it starts getting really fast so stay calm and keep a close focus on the game if you don’t want to lose.

Download and install Jetpack Joyride on your Android phone

Download the amazing Jetpack Joyride game on your android phone from here and start flying up higher with your machine gun attached jetpack in this game.

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