Do you need to download an antivirus on Android?


The most commonly asked questions by many newbie android users is that “do I need to download and install an antivirus?” Well, it depends on you entirely. No doubt there are a lot of viruses and malwares for the android platform that try to infect your shiny new android device and make it leak all your personal information to the hacker. These viruses steal your information and take it back the the creator of the virus. All your personal details, financial details are leaked and you are completely vulnerable in situations like these. So you have to ask yourself that what makes you feel safe, having a powerful antivirus installed on your android device to keep the harmful apps out of your precious android device or having nothing on it and being vulnerable to all the attacks and all the harmful apps out there that are trying to infect your android device? The answer is simple and you have answered it yourself. You Actually need an antivirus app on your android smartphone to keep it safe and secure from the threats that different viruses pose to it. You should always install an antivirus app on your android smartphone because these apps constantly scan your android for any hidden harmful software that might be on your android device and they also scan new apps to see if they are harmful or not. They also keep you safe from other different attacks that are made on your android smartphone.

You should always have an up to date antivirus app installed on your android smartphone to keep it secure from all the harmful games and app that are out there trying very hard to get on your device and steal all your valuable information. Always download an antivirus app, no matter if it’s paid or free. We recommend using free antivirus apps because they work great and don’t you any money.


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