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Do you enjoy watching movies where the robot does all the stuff and the people just chill and enjoy their lives? If that’s what you want then you will be a bit glad and a little bit disappointed to know that you can have a personal assistant that will do all the stuff for you, however, you will also be disappointed to know that you won’t be getting all these services from a personal robot instead all you will get is an app on your android smartphone that will turn your android smartphone into a personal assistant for you that will perform almost all your basic task automatically without you having to lift a finger at all. You don’t have to do the manual work of making a call at an exact time, sending a text to your loved one, turning off or on your WiFi when you are at home or out of the office, etc because all this stuff can be automated and performed by your smartphone with the help of Tasker android app. Tasker is the ultimate automation app for your android smartphone that will take away all the pain and grunt work of making calls, and sending texts by automating the whole process. Set all the processes that you want done and this amazing app will get all the stuff done and you don’t even have to take your android smartphone out of your pocket at all.

Takser is one of the best automation apps available for your android smartphone that will turn your android smartphone into an actual smart robot that will perform various tasks for you and help you in different ways by automating the process completely.

Download and install Tasker On your Android Smartphone

You can download the cool new Tasker app on your Android smartphone from here and turn your android smartphone into a automated robot.


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