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Are you the kind of guy who always loses his tv remote during the most important matches? Are you the one who never knows which dimension your TV remote just entered after you set it right besides you? If your TV remote keeps disappearing without any solid reasons then you should not worry because you don’t need that old school piece of gadgetry in your house anymore. Yes, it is true, you don’t have to keep a tv remote in your house anymore to control your tv set because you can do the same with your android device. If you don’t believe us then give the all new TV Remote Control Pro app a try on your android phone and you will understand what we are talking about. This app will completely render your tv remote control useless because you will be able to control all your tv sets with your android phone without having to deal with individual remote controllers for your tvs.

It’s not worth your time to keep looking for a missing tv remote because we all know that a kissing tv control is very hard to find and nearly impossible to track down specially when you are dying to watch the latest Tv show or a live sport match. This is where the TV Remote Control Pro app for android phones comes in handy and save the day. You don’t have to miss out your favorite tv shows because of a lost tv remote control when you can control your tv with your android device and watch whatever you like without having to touch a clunky remote control. It would have been awesome if this app had worked with voice commands but nevertheless it works with swipes and taps, which makes it easier to change channels on your tv set. It’s compatible with almost all the new tvs out there in the market.

Download and install TV Remote Control Pro on your Android phone

Download the TV Remote Control Pro app on your android phone from here and start controlling all your TVs via your android smartphone.


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