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If you’re paranoid about giving out your credit card information to different sites online then you’re not alone because a lot of people don’t feel safe and secure when using their credit cards online on different sites like Netflix, Sony, etc. These sites have been hacked numerous times and credit card information of many users was compromised. This is why there are safe and secure payment processing companies that keep your credit card and banking information safe and secure when you make online purchases. These payment processing companies are much more safe and secure than regular companies and they always keep your personal and banking information in the safest and most secured servers so hackers never get access to these. One of the best payment processing companies is Google itself and the all new and improved Google Wallet app on your Android smartphone makes it easier to carry all your credit cards and other cards with you all the time without physically having access to them. You can use the Google Wallet app on your android phone to make purchases on numerous websites and stores online and offline. Yes, you can also use this app on offline stores that accept this service. The tap and pay feature in this amazing app lets you pay for anything in store by just tapping your android smartphone on the payment terminal and you will pay instantly. This feature is only limited to a selection of android phones that support tap and pay functionality.

Google Wallet keeps all your banking information and credit card details safe and secure. You can also earn cashback and rewards by using your credit card through this amazing android app. Google Wallet card can be ordered separately which can be used to pay in stores or withdraw your cash via all ATMs around the country.

Download and install Google Wallet on your Android phone

You can download the Google Wallet app on your android smartphone from here and start paying for all the goods you purchase with this awesome app.


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