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Summoners War: Sky Arena is a mythical action role-playing game that’s based in an enchanted land. You have to fight your way through the land and survive at all costs. It’s based on a real world board game.

In the game, you will have to make an army that has its own specialities. You will need to summon a creature of your own and fight with the opposing army creature until it’s defeated. You will get to control sneaky little creatures to mighty giants that are really power crazed. The game’s really indulging and makes you use all your skills to defeat all the opposing armies.


Summoners War 1


  • The game was developed and released by Com2us and has received many updates adding many new creatures and scenarios.
  • It requires minimum Android 2.3 to run and most of the devices will surely run the game quite well.
  • Its download size is approximately 8 MB.
  • The game is free to download and play while there are many upgrades that could be bought with real world cash.

Summoners War: Sky Arena Experience

  • The Summoners War: Sky Arena is a bit complex game for the ones who play it for the first time. Its menus are quite simple and you will be starting the game in no time. The game takes some time to learn and master. You will need to learn how to make your own army, prepare it for the battles, and then control it during the battle.
  • There are many different types of armies that you could choose from. Each army has it powers and weaknesses that you will need to keep in mind. Matching your armies’ capabilities with the enemies’ weakness is the ultimate mastering trick that you need to learn to enjoy the game.
  • Each of the creatures from the army has his own attack value and life. The attack is made depending on a model that is based on the dice being rolled. The creature whose life ends first dies. You have the option to upgrade lives and attacks of the creatures so that they perform well against the opponents.


The Summoners War: Sky Arena is an ultimate role-playing game in which you will get to fight some amazing battles with some great armies that consist of cunning creatures in an enchanted land. The game revolves around battles and fights that are matched to the model of an amazing board game. You will surely spend many hours playing the game and propagating further in it while building a stronger army that has no match to its power.

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