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Running games have led the smartphone app stores for a really long time. In the recent years, there have been many great running games. With the passage of time, all of them have got boring and people have grown tired of same endless running without any goals, so people are looking for new games to fill in this gap. At last, now there is an app that will surely fill this gap pretty well. Stylish Sprint 2 is the sequel of the great running game Stylish Sprint.

In the sequel, there are so many upgrades from the original game and you will surely love the whole new look and gameplay. It’s just awesomely stylish as the name suggests.

Stylish Sprint 2 2


  • The game was developed and published by Playus Soft and since the release, they have been working quite hard to improve the game by adding more new features plus stylish upgrades for your runners.
  • The game is a bit heavy but it’s worth it, you will need 89MB of download space before you could get running in some style.
  • Apart from that, you must have a good phone having at least Android version 3.0 to enjoy all those amazing HD graphics and music.
  • The game is free to download and play while you have the option to spend some real world cash for upgrades and special outfits.

Stylish Sprint 2 Experience

  • Stylish Sprint 2 is a horizontal playing game, which can only be played with your screen rotated horizontally.
  • Once you are in the game, you will see you runner from a side view. There will be 2 buttons on the screen – a jump button with an action button. The runner keeps on running while you have to control it with those buttons to avoid falling into ditches and crashing.
  • The jump button has three functions. Single press for a normal jump. Double press for a higher jump. While the third press will make you airborne so that you could pick objects floating in air. There are predesigned running tracks and you have to complete each of them.
  • The customization level in the game is really high and you could make your black polished runner look like anything from a Cinderella to some angry old Viking.


Stylish Sprint 2 is an amazing and unique running game which has some awesome unique features that no other game has. Its runner, although simple at the start, can be customized a lot. It’s a must try game which will surely make you enjoy for many hours with its HD graphics and music effects.

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