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Have you ever got tired of all those running games in which you had to run, run, and run through a track that just keeps on stretching? All you could do while running is pick collectibles, jump, and slide. Then, Smash Hit is a must try game for you. It just changes the perspective of running game. Smash Hit puts you in the game by providing the first person view like you yourself are moving through the game. You have to move through a land made of glass and save yourself from crashing into it by shattering it with marbles.

Smash Hit 1


  • The game was developed by Mediocre.
  • It has been updated many times improving the in-game experience. The last update for the game was on 2nd of December 2014.
  • The current version of the game is 1.3.3
  • It requires minimum of Android 2.3 to run.
  • It requires minimum 512MB of RAM to run. At least 1Ghz processor is also required for the game to run smoothly. Its download size is approximately 50MB
  • The game is free to download and play but offers in-app purchases.

How to use Smash Hit

  1. Once you start the app, you will just navigate through some simple menus to start the game. Once in the game, you will see yourself immersed into a magical 3D world that’s completely made-up of glass from floors to the walls. You will have a first person view of the world while you automatically move through it.
  2. Your task will be to survive for as long as possible by breaking the obstacles in your way using metal balls. Each object you fail to smash cost you a life.
  3. In the game, while moving, you will come across two types of obstacles. If you run out of life or metal balls, you are dead and will have to start over.
  4. If you can spend some money as an in-app purchase, you can get the ability to start from a checkpoint instead of the beginning each time you die.


Smash Hit is a really new type of game that has completely changed the perspective of running games. It has some amazing 3D graphics that are so cool that one wishes to teleport into that world and discover it. The music within the game is well-synchronized with the gameplay that it makes the game twice more fun to play.

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