Mineshaft: Dynamite Blast – Download and Install on Android

Tired of all those old Android games that all just look alike and looking for something that’s unique and nothing like before? Then here is your answer in the form of Mineshaft: Dynamite Blast. The game is about a miner who has to make his way deeper and deeper into a mineshaft using his moving lift and dynamite to blow off the ground to go deeper.

The game has an interface just like the arcade games that’s really cool and simple for anyone. You are surely going to love all that blowing off and digging.

Mineshaft 1


  • The game has been developed by Ludomade and its up for download in the PlayStore for anyone out there.
  • The game is light and it just requires around 25MB of download and any device with Android 2.3 and above will surely run the game smoothly
  • The game is free to download and play for everyone and there are no in-game purchases available at the moment.

How to use Mineshaft: Dynamite

  1. Blast Once you have downloaded the game and it’s installed, you are just 2 taps away from digging your way deep into the ground. The game has nothing extra in it, just the game itself. Launch it and through one single menu, you can get digging in the mineshaft. You will start from the top of the shaft which looks just like a hut.
  2. Your first task is to grab a dynamite from the top. Once the miner has the dynamit, it descends into the shaft. As you move down, you will see that the shaft is blocked underneath you – the task here is to apply brake and stop before your lift crashes into that blocking stuff.
  3. Once the lift has stopped, the miner will get off, install the dynamite, and clear up the shaft. Once the shaft is cleared, you will have to get more dynamites from the top and start your journey once again going deeper and deeper each time.
  4. The science behind success lies in your timing; you need to apply the brake on time or else you will be crashing into the ground or taking off into the air.


Mineshaft: Dynamite Blast is a great game played in a really easy manner. Just a single button to play the entire game, nothing else. This makes the game really easy to understand and master. The game could surely be used for killing a lot of boring time.

Download from PlayStore

Download as APK

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