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Everyone who owns an Android phone knows how troubling the battery life can be on these devices. Android platform is not so battery hungry by itself but there are hundreds of apps out there that drain your Android’s battery really fast. It’s very difficult to pinpoint the exact android app that keeps hogging your android’s battery causing you to charge it every couple of hours. LeanDroid is an amazing app that helps you save some battery life on your Android phone without uninstalling any apps.

You don’t have to get rid of any apps to save battery on your android device instead you can let the LeanDroid app to manage your wireless connections automatically to save a lot of battery on your android. You don’t even have to do anything by yourself because this amazing app will do everything automatically and in turn you will have extra juice on your Android phone which is quite awesome.

LeanDroid is an awesome android app that actually manages all your battery hogging wireless connections automatically to save power on your android device. It will automatically turn on and off the Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, LTE, and/or Bluetooth on your Android phone to save battery life. It turns off all the connections during screen off that are not being used at that time to conserve battery life and also save you money by lowering the mobile data usage. Bluetooth is only disconnected when you are not connected to any other bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi is disconnected when you don’t need it. As soon as you start using internet your mobile data or Wi-Fi will turn on automatically so you can start browsing the internet.

Download and install LeanDroid on your Android phone

You can easily and quickly download the LeanDroid app on your Android phone from here. Once downloaded on your Android device you can start conserving your device’s battery automatically.


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