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GotchaWarriorsX is one of those best ever action/strategy games in the Android PlayStore. GotchaWarriorsX are the fantastic super power warriors from all over the world and they are at your disposal to protect your city from the dangerous Dr. Strange Love who is intending to dominate the world. The hero will have to command an army and work out strategically to win.

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  • This game has many interesting features with very a good 4.2 star rating on the Google Play store. This game is particularly suitable for Android 2.3 and up.
  • It requires thinking and strategies are incorporated to make the best use of warriors.
  • Play against the many players from around the world, join them in battle and get worldwide ranking through leader boards.
  • Tactics and game information can be shared through these online forums which enable you to have a smooth gaming experience.
  • The updated version 6.7 has new bugs fixed and released with minor changes.
  • The graphics and sound options are very innovative and highly praised by many downloaders.

How to use GotchaWarriorsX

  1. Place your finger tips and move the characters on screen to use them and to attack the enemies. Special moves are enabled for jumping and many more.
  2. There are plenty of customization in the themes and maps for the users. They can change them the way they want and mark their favorites to play often. One of the primary reasons why this game is a hit in the Android devices is because of its user-interface. They can also kick, jump, destroy or shoot and blow-up the zombies in this game. This game has enemies who use modified zombies to attack you and it’s the players who will protect the town from these attackers. Then, they can command their army forces and succeed and take over the world. The army will be made up of special warriors that make this game very interesting.


There are about 60,00+ downloads of this game in the Google Play Store. The cumulative feedback for this particular strategy filled action game is very positive overall. Players say this game is highly engaging and tickles the young one in you to succeed and play with warriors from around the world.

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