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Colorino is a game that has taken the puzzle gaming to a different level. It has new and attractive features to make the game different from most of the traditional puzzle games. The game was developed by Red Prawn Games and became very famous in a very short period of time. It scores 4.8 out of 5 in most gaming rating sites, which shows how attractive the game is. Its unique features have mesmerized a lot of people who used the application.


Colorino is more than just a puzzle game. The traditional puzzle games offered just the use of brain to solve the puzzles. It was like sitting for long and boring hours trying to match the puzzles. But in Colorino, all the levels need to be passed before the time runs out. This is a feature which was not found in the early puzzle games.



  • The colorino application is of 11MB of size.
  • The current version is 1.0.5
  • The game requires at least 2.3 version of Android or above to be supported.
  • The game is very challenging and it needs lots of focus.
  • It is a well structured game which would act as a driving force to accomplish the missions.
  • The game consist of lots of levels, which would give the thrill of taking on as many challenges as the users can take.

How to use Colorino

  1. In the game, the user needs to put the tiles on the board while trying to match the color or the shape of the tiles which are adjacent to one another. The tiles that do not fit anywhere should be skipped.
  2. The main aim is to remove the rows and columns completely to increase the score of the game.
  3. Time plays a big factor in this game. Each level needs to be completed before the time runs out.


The game is overall a great game to play. Its unique features have earned it lots of good ratings and took a positioning in the minds of the gamers. The game also took the thought of people regarding puzzle games to a heightened position. Colorino needs lots of focus, but that does not make the game boring. Its features are good enough to make it a fun application to use as refreshment.

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