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Want a game that has unlimited amount of fun for you packed into it? Bored of all those old games and the flying birds and all that stuff? Then you should just try out the Chicken Boy. It’s a game that will surely entertain you enough to pass hours playing it.

Chicken Boy is all about throwing fruits at big and scary monsters so that you could save your friend who is a little chicken. Save before the monster gets to have some taste of it in his mouth. You must put all of your power into each of the throw so that the monster takes the maximum damage. Just hit the fruits or the Chicken Boy will lose his best friend.

Chicken Boy 1


  • The game was developed by and released by Funtomic on the PlayStore and is free to download.
  • The current version on the game is 1.4.9
  • It requires minimum Android 2.3 to run and most of the phones will surely support this game.
  • Its download size is approximately 23MB
  • You can spend your real world cash to get a lot of new upgrades for the Chicken Boy.

How to use Chicken Boy

  1. The game has some really simple menus and they are very easy to navigate. Just a few taps and you are all set to save the day. In the game, the Chicken Boy will be standing over a ledge while on the other side, there is a pier on which both monsters and the chicken are present.
  2. The chicken is on the left most side while the monsters enter the pier from the other side. Once you see the monster, you need to start beating it by throwing all those fruits at it. This will decrease the life of the monsters slowly. The life bar of each monster is displayed next to it.
  3. As you level up, you will unlock new and more powerful fruits for the Chicken Boy to throw.
  4. As the last resort, there are mines that could be spread around the chicken. If the monster survives all those hits by fruits, then it will step over your mine and blow itself off.


Chicken Boy is an ultimate addiction for anyone no matter what their likes and interests are. You will definitely get indulged in the game. All those walking and flying beasts are fun to kill and one will just want to keep killing them infinitely. You will keep on playing it because you will want to save that sweet little chicken from those monsters.

Download from PlayStore

Download as APK 

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