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If you are still new to the Android world and learning the ropes of this new technologically advanced world then you should install the APK Installer app on your Android device. This awesome app will take away all the grunt manual work from you and make it easier for you to directly install APK files on your Android device. You can install any Apk file or batches of different APK files with just one click in this amazing android app. You don’t have to worry about getting malware or any malicious thing because this app scans all APk files for any potential threats to your Android device and if it discovers any anomaly you will be quickly notified.

You can install any number of APK files in batches with the APK Installer app from your Android phone’s external or internal storage. You can even install APk files from your Windows PC via this cool android app. Best thing about this app is that you can also uninstall unwanted apps in batches and also share/send the APK files directly to your friends via this app which is not possible by default in Android phones. The simple security scanner built-in this cool app will always keep your android safe and secure from latest security threats on android. The app can also perform quick cache cleaning on your Android with just one tap and you can also move the apps to your external SD card if your Android’s internal storage does not have enough space for app installation. This is a one-stop app for all your needs in the Android world. You will never have to do anything manually again when the APK Installer is downloaded on your Android device.

Download and install APK Installer on your Android phone

You can download the APK Installer from here. Once installed on your Android device you can say goodbye to doing everything manually because this cool app will automate all the processes on Android.


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