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If your device doesn’t support Google play store out of the box or for some reason you are not a big fan of the Official Google store then you can always use an alternative Android store like 1Mobile Market. This amazing Android app store offers a very large collection of Android apps and games for your Android phone. 1Mobile Market gives a vast collection of Amazing Android games and apps to install on your Android device without having to go through Google play store at all. It offers more than 800,000 free games and app downloads for Android.

1Mobile Market works the same way as any other Android app store like Google play or Amazon appstore. You install it on your Android device and browse through all the available games and apps on the 1Mobile Market. You can then install any app or game that you want for free. There are top games and apps available on the 1Mobile Market which include but not limited to Angry Birds, Temple Run, Line Messenger, etc. You can also get recommendations for hot app in the current month. You can also set-up filters to bring you the apps or games that you are actually looking for. 1Mobile Market is completely safe and secure and each app or game goes through various security checks to ensure that it is free of any kind of malwares. !Mobile Market works on both Android smartphones and tablets.

Download 1Mobile Market for your Android device

You can download the 1Mobile Market APK for free from here. Once installed on your Android device you can start using the 1Mobile Market and enjoy the amazing collections of free games and apps on your Android device. The download speeds on 1Mobile Market are faster than other Android markets.

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