Get Custom ROM’s features without a Cutom ROM

Want to achieve something without adopting the whole process? Well there is shortcut for some functions which you can achieve without installing the whole app. You can achieve custom ROM features without installing the custom ROM. Have you ever heard of Gravity box? No then read the instructions below to know how to achieve Custom ROM features.


Gravity Box packages the bunch of features together so you don’t have to manually build your own feature set. It is basically the lazy mans’s Xposed tool. Like all xposed modules, you need to have rooted device to take advantage of Gravity box features. Some features which you can benefit from are ; CyanogenMod, status bar Quick settings, expand desktop, status bar icon and brightness controls, lock screen targets, shortcuts, customization, tweaks and adjustment galore and a lot of other features.

If you have got Xposed Framework installed on your android, you have a device running Vanilla Android- that is, a Nexus or Google Play edition device- then you are good to make progress. Just grab the Gravity Box APK from XDA Developers and locate it in the Xposed Framework’s Modules corner, check the box and reboot. Heavily modded manufacturer’s skins like HTC sense, touchwiz and xperia UI will not work smoothly with gravity box. Likewise, custom ROMs do not play so well with gravity box, as they duplicate many of the features already.

Note: Motorola’s thin UI skin works well with Gravity box according to some sources.

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