Know how much you spend on your car with the help of Car Logbook!

Cars definitely cost a fortune. You collect all your savings and buy a car to make your daily conveyance easy, isn’t it? But, it is not just the car you are buying. The addition of fuel, insurance, parking and maintenance can whoosh up the expenditure without even warning you. It becomes difficult to note down each and every amount you are spending on your car! So, what’s the solution? Here comes a new application called the Car Logbook.

This app lets you to figure out the total expenses and helps you to find out whether it is worth it or not! The Car Logbook will keep a track on the fuel, parking, mileages, maintenance and various other expenses at a go.  Once these have been recorded, it will generate a complete report that will let you know the amount you have spent on your car.

The good news is this app can provide notifications and reports for multiple vehicles. If you want complete details of how much your car is burning your pocket, you got to download this application.

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