Top 10 Tips and Tricks LG G3 Owners Need to Know


G3 is no doubt one of the highly anticipated Android Smartphone by LG. It has all features both hardware and software wise to compete the other flagship devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 and iPhone 5s. We’ve already reviewed some prominent features of LG G3 in our recent post. If you already owned this device or going to get one, we have got some useful tips and tricks you need to know in order to get most out of your G3.

How to take screenshot on the LG G3:

On G3 there are couples of ways of taking screenshot. One way is to hit the button on the back or taking screenshot using LG’s Qmemo feature.
Method 1:

  • Choose screen you want to capture.
  • Hold down the volume button and power button at the same time. Signs screenshot effect on the screen will appear.
  • That’s it the screenshot will be stored in your internal storage named “screenshot folder” .
  • You can also share your screenshot with other app by pushing the notification app down and finding the screenshot and using the share button

Method 2:

  • Go to screen you want to capture.
  • From software keys on your phone swipe up and to the right, and choose Qmemo+option (the Q Icon).
  • Qmemo + app will capture the screen and you can also write anything on it you want.
  • When you are done press, press save icon in the top right corner.

Knock code:

It is a great way to lock your mobile. It helps you to lock your phone with the pattern of taps on the lock screen. It is pretty secure unless you don’t tell your pattern of unlocking to anybody.

Display and how it affects Battery life:

In my previous review I have given you details about the display of LG G3 and how great its display is. I will gladly rewrite that its display measures in 5.5 inches diagonally, with a QHD resolution. You won’t get tired of its beautiful and clear crystal display.
After experiencing such great display you won’t resist playing games, videos and photos. Quad HD video content in LG G3 will assure you what is the importance of display in any Smart phone. It is probably one of the best displays ever put in the smart phone. 543 pixels will usually drain your battery in any other smart phone but LG G3 is built to give your battery long life even with such great display.

How to customize the on-screen buttons

You are free to add default buttons, you can alter the background appearance . You can fix the order of buttons as you please. You can also hide on-screen buttons in certain apps which is a nice move.

How to Turn off smart Bulletin

Don’t like the bulletin? Well you can turn it off. When you are using stock launcher on G3, there is smart bulletin screen on off the left of your mobile tag by a “G” letter. Only if you want to remove it read the instructions below :

  • Go to app drawer.
  • Tap the three dots which will be on top right corner on the screen.
  • Select “home screen” settings.
  • Menu will appear, toggle “smart bulletin” to off.

That’s it. If you want to see it again on your screen toggle it back.

There is still a legacy button if you want it:
Things have change a lot since the arrival of LG G3. LG has still left the legacy button for its users. Will it does not appears when you turn on your phone then where it is? You press the recent app button for long and it will appear. It will be bonus to have an extra button.

Control the TV with your phone:

It has a built in quickremote app which gives you access over your TV. Has support for a huge variety of TVs and set top Boxes. Believe me you would love to mess with your friends and family with this universal remote.

Big phone :

It is a pretty big phone but you can still use it with one hand. There are buttons on the back but I agree it is a big phone and you will have to use both hands some times.
You are on the lucky side if you are LG G3 user LG has included one-handed operation which stock LG keyboard and dialer. Are not they making it user friendly??

Keep things quiet:

Keep things quiet when you need them to be. It is called quiet mode it is customizable to make sure you are not disturbed when you really don’t want to be. Don’t worry about the important calls you can make exceptions, so if there is important call to come you still will be aware of that.


Quick circle offers a circular window through which particular apps can be accessed with opening the case. It gives you access to apps such as: camera, stock LG Email App and many more. The only problem is you got to find which suits your phone. Because cases are regularly changed by manufacturers.

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