Top 5 Best Keyboard Replacement Apps for Android

It is very easy and simple to type text on computers because of bigger keys. But when it comes to Smartphones and tablet devices  it rather become difficult to type text faster. It is time consuming and boring job to type texts on smartphones. It becomes more difficult to type when you have small screen and big fingers, So to ease your way for typing Android developers has developed useful Android replacement keyboards which can easily increase your typing speed and saves a lot of time!!  Here is the list of apps which might give you comfort of typing right on your Android device.

1. Swype Keyboard

This app provides new idea of typing through swiping on your smart phones. Swipe allows you to respond to your text messages quickly and it is also simple to use.

It is designed for android users. To type a word for example you want to type “text” you will start swiping from t and go along touching e, x and t as soon as you let go your finger off the screen the word text will appear.

This app automatically memorizes your typing habits and store new words to its dictionary for your easiness.

2. Flesky Keyboard – Happy Typing

Flesky app is not about swiping it rather provides you much bigger keys. Bigger keys allows you to type faster and smoothly. Once you become usual of using flesky you can type even without looking.

It looks like this app got brain. It recognizes what word you were about to type even if you type inaccurately. It supports ten different languages  and QWERT,AZERTY,QWERTZ and DVORAK keyboard types.

3. Minimum Keyboard

It is another app for faster typing. It delivers smaller keyboard to your smart phone without sacrifice the accuracy of speed. smaller keyboard allows you to have access to the rest of screen which means it does not conquer lot of space.It can auto correct spelling mistakes and predictive text is handy and accurate.

It allows you to type comfortably. It monitors your typing speed and have many emoticons.

4. SwiftKey Keyboard

It has smart keyboard. SwiftKey Flow’s slide-to-type feature is incredibly accurate.  slide-to-type method is the same as what you see in other applications.  When inputting with gestures, you don’t even have to lift your finger between words. You can simply swipe down to the spacebar, then swipe back up and move into your next word — allowing you to type entire sentences without ever stopping. It has amazing predict sense. It has the ability to help you to complete your sentence by giving smart predictions.

The app include other features as well giving you almost 800 different emoticons, 30 interesting themes and layouts for all screen siz

5. Adaptxt Keyboard

Just like swipe it also use swipe method of inputting txt in your smart phones.Thanks to features like word prediction, smart error correction, and optimized key layouts, smart keyboard allows you to take your smart phone typing to the next level. moreover it gives you the option of posting on twitter and facebook when you are done texting.This app gives you predictions based on the previous texts you have written.

All these typing apps are worth downloading its up to you which one you select. Do not forget to share your own views and experience with the above mentioned keyboard replacement apps for Android.

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