How to Backup Android on Google Cloud

Personal computers are becoming obsolete as android phones are taking their places. The only thing missing from our phones was back up. Well that problem has been solved and we can thank automatic but reliable apps which comes in handy to save our data on android phones.

Google cloud is one of the popular name where you can store important data, settings and files. It is easy to take backup with Google cloud and it is done through built-in options on the phone. Here are some easy steps to securely backup your Android phone using the Google cloud.

Google Backup

  • Go to home screen of your phone then go to “menu” and then click on “System Settings”.
  • Then go to “accounts” prepare Google account of your choice to take the backup by following Add account->Google. If you want to have new one then click on “new” if not then tap the “existing” button.
  • Once the account is made, go back to “settings” then tap on “backup and reset” and make sure that “back up my data” and make sure “automatic restore” option is checked.
  • Return to Settings>accounts>Google and choose account you want to back up. If you have more than one account  then you have to make sure you data remains safe by switching it around.
  • Go to sync screen press on the “Home” button and select sync now. App data, browser information, calendar ,contacts, Gmail, Google, photos and other details will start to sync with the Google cloud servers.

That’s it follow these instructions to take a backup of your account data on Google cloud.

Other most common ways to make Android backup:

It is up to you which method you choose for backup of your data. There is free method in which you allow Google to make all the adjustments for the backup or you can make several copies through device included cable.

You may find different apps in play store which performs the duty of taking backup; some are free and other include charges. it is up to you which method of backup you chooses but the initial thought should be to protect data. You may check this post for detailed information on Best Android backup and restore apps.

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