How to fix Google Play Store that won’t open or closes immediately?

If you’ve got a Smartphone, probably you would have got some errors and they do occur no matter how much you take care of it. There are two type of errors that may occur, one is due to software and the other one can be caused by hardware. I love the software one’s as they can be fixed quickly without doing or buying any accessories to fix it. Today, my friend just told me, he has got some problem with Google Play App on his Samsung Galaxy S4, he was really worried!! I told him that these are just normal and there is nothing to be worried about it too much, as these issues can be solved very easily. I just troubleshoot it and found the bug, due to which the Play Store was not opening and responding. Now I have got the solution for the problem and would like to share the solution with readers, if they have got the same problem or any issues with Google Play App on their Android Smartphone or tablet.

I dig into the problem and found the possible that you may have occurred with your phone:

  • The App may not open, or closes immediately
  • Unfortunately, the process has stopped.
  • Google play keeps crashing

If you have got the above mentioned errors, don’t worry folks, as these can be fixed very easily. Follow the instructions down below.

Steps to Fix Google Play Store Errors

1. To fix the issue go to settings or press Menu-> Settings

2. Go to Application Manager

3. Navigate to Select ALL tab.

4. Then scroll all the way down and select Downloads or Download Manager.

5. Tap on it and click enable if it is disabled.

Exact the same method help me to fix the problem, Hopefully same happens for you. If in any case you still get the same error, in this section, find the Google Play Services and clear its data and cache. For More Updates and Tutorials do not forget to visit us back.

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