How to Easily Root Moto RAZR I without Unlocking the Bootloader

Motorola Razr I, was released back in September, 2012, it is one of the rare Android Smartphone which is Intel Powered. Well it’s sounds a bit older but not that much!! Recently you may have heard, the news, Motorola Inc, was restoring back the warranties on developers editions devices, of which bootloaders were unlocked using the Motorola’s official unlocking service. Unluckily this option is only available for the Developers editions of devices, so what if you have got a standard edition then? You’ll definitely void your device warranty! So because of voiding warranty, many people were reluctant to root their devices, but then no more fears, Recently the active xda senior developer Jcase, has released a simple method to get root access on your Moto Razr I without unlocking the bootloader. If you now have made your mind to get root access, then follow the┬áseven step by step root exploit method to easily get root access and without unlocking the bootloader.

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How to Root Moto RAZR I without Unlocking the Bootloader Using Jcase Method

1. Click Here to Download package.

2. Now you’ve 2 options, Either install it through the Terminal Emulator Application which is available on Google Play Store or Setup the Android ADB and Fastboot drivers on your PC and then enter the following commands step by step.

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3. Now depending on your way, If you’re going to do it through Android Terminal Emulator, then definitely you’ve first transfer the file to your phone memory otherwise make sure you’ve installed adb fastboot drivers on your pc.

4. One by one type the following commands:

 adb push su /data/local/tmp/

 adb push /data/local/tmp/

 adb push TwerkMyMoto.jar /data/local/tmp/

 adb shell chmod 755 /data/local/tmp/

 adb shell /data/local/tmp/

 adb reboot
 adb shell /data/local/tmp/

5. Hopefully you’ve gone through all the steps and have successfully got root access on your Motorola RAZR I.

That’s it folks, Hopefully you’ve learned, How to Safely and Successfully get Root Access on Motorola Moto RAZR I without unlocking the bootloader. Well, do not forget to let us know in the comment section, how everything went up for you. If you need further support and have queries you can follow the discussion at the official xda thread. For More stuff, Android Guides and Updates stay tuned to Android Central.

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    • Actually there are 2 methods, one is by Installing Android Emulator from Google Play Store and other is done using PC. If you’ve decided to use it on your phone then move the downloaded file to your SD card. A little confusing but hopefully you’ve got my message.

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