How to Remove Forgotten Passcode Patterns on Any Android Device

Android pattern lock, is more popular these days, and it is something good to keep your Android phone from unauthorized or unwanted access. But it is very usual, that you may forget your pattern or passcode you have enabled on your device, and there it becomes annoying, when you are unable to use your phone anymore.

So you’re stuck on your Android Pattern Lock screen? And unable to use your android device any more. This moment really sucks and makes us really annoyed when something like this happens to our own device. You may have forgotten your Passcode pattern or someone else, probably would have tried wrong password locks on your device, but no worries folks, We have got solutions for your problems.

How to remove forgotten Pattern Lock On Android

We will guide you, step by step, how to remove forgotten Pattern/Passcode on your Android device. There are a number of ways to sort out this problem. So, follow the below instructions and methods to remove forgot pattern or Passcode on any Android and Tablet devices.

Please note that Samsung has added a new security feature to its latest flagship devices which is called FRP (Factory reset protection), so any device hard reset using the method given below will need to provide the last Google account synced on that particular device otherwise it would difficult to bypass FRP on Samsung devices including Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S6, S7 and Note 4, Note 5 and other A and J series. You can learn more about this security feature over here and how to bypass it.

How to Unlock Forgotten Android Patterns Device using Gmail Account

You probably would have registered your device with your Google account, so after trying too many patterns it should have given or should give you a message similar to this saying,

“You have incorrectly drawn your unlock pattern 5 times. Please try again in 30 Seconds”

After you 30 seconds, try again, and this time it will give you another option, “Forgot Pattern“, here you are supposed to tap it and it will ask you your Gmail account, so just need to fill in the required info and it will then guide you further.

That’s it, if you had registered your device, using your Gmail account, but there might be some people who don’t know the Gmail id with which it is registered or any other reason, so for that follow the below instructions to remove the Passcode Pattern or forgotten Passcode Lock on Android.

How to Recover Forgotten Pattern Lock on Android Phones or Tablets

1. First of all connect your device to the PC and make sure USB debugging is enabled.

2. Now on your Windows PC, Go to START->RUN–>Type CMD

3. Now one by one type the following commands in the command window;

Adb shell


sqlite3 settings.db

update system set value=0 where name=’lock_pattern_autolock’;

update system set value=0 where name=’lockscreen.lockedout permanently’;


4. After applying the above stated commands, reboot your device now. After normal reboot, you again will notice Lock pattern screen, but this time, you will have the choice to create a new pattern lock code for your device.

What if this does not work for, I still have got another way left to which will ultimately remove forgotten pattern or passcode lock from your Android device.

 How to Completely Remove the Forgotten Passcode/Patterns Lock on Android

This method, is probably the easiest to get access to your locker android phone, but with one limitation, and that is, it will wipe all data from your device, which includes, your contacts, apps and so on, using this method, you will factory reset your Android device and it is the last option left to access your device if other methods have not worked for you, and this one will probably will work.

1. Switch-Off your device

2. Now at the same time, Hold the Volume Up/Down + Power Button, to Turn-On your device, keep holding unless you see the Android System Recovery Menu. (Note that, depending on your device, you may different key combination to enter the Android system recovery mode)

Howto: Wipe data/Factory reset Android Phone

3. Now use your Volume Up/Down keys to navigate through options and power button, to select options.

4. Now as we want to wipe data/factory reset, so choose it and confirm yes to factory reset your android phone.

5. Once you factory reset, from the menu, select Reboot system now option to reboot your device.

That’s it folks, hopefully all three methods have helped you, to remove forgotten Passcode/Patterns on your Android Phone or tablet. If it was useful for you, share it with your friends and leave a comment in the comment section, or if in case you’re unable to get solved your problem, let us know in the comment section.

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      • need help with a svp tablet. The recovery mode will not start, I can get it to the screen with android laying down and red triangle on top but nothing from there. There are no options for forgot password or gmail account, and I have tried over 100 times on the pattern lock. I have tried all of your methods and no luck. Any other suggestions?

  1. I unfortunately was not able to reset my pattern still because on the screen to wipe the device clean I have 3 options to choose to continue with wipe out or no and they all 3 say NO. I have a android kitkat 4.4 tablet and I did not register it with google yet. Anyone know where I can take it to get wiped clean?

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