How to Root Verizon Galaxy S4 on Android 4.3 VRUEMK2

Verizon Galaxy S4, recently got Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Firmware VRUEMK2 OTA update, most of you probably would have updated their devices. If you had root before updating, definitely you would have lost root access and you need to regain root access, if you really want. Follow the step by step tutorial, to easily root your Verizon GS4 using the Saferoot tool. The method is really simple, only you’ve to run the script on your PC and it will automatically root your phone within a few seconds.

Guidelines and Requirements:

  1. This root tutorial is only for Verizon Galaxy S4 running the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean UEMK2 Firmware. Do not try it on another device or variant of GS4, it may brick your device.
  2. Rooting your device will obviously voids warranty.
  3. Backup your data, if you do have, Rooting will not wipe data but as a precaution it is a good practice.
  4. Make sure you’ve installed USB Drivers on your PC. If Samsung Kies is already installed, then there is no need to install further drivers.
  5. Also head over to Settings tab on your phone and then scroll down to Developers Options and Enable USB Debugging.
  6. Before proceeding for the root process, it is highly recommended to check the status of your battery and make sure it is enough.
  7. Last but not the least, proceed at your own risk.


  • Click Here to Download Saferroot tool for rooting the Verizon Galaxy S4.

How to Easily Gain Root Access on Verizon Galaxy S4 Running the latest Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Firmware VRUEMK2 Using Saferoot

Step 1. First of all extract the download file on your desktop.

Step 2. Connect your phone to PC and make sure that your phone is recognized by the PC. If not try to change the usb port or reinstall the usb drivers.

Step 3. Once successfully connected, run the install.bat.

saferoot for verizon galaxy s4Step 4. You should now have a command window on your screen, if your phone is successfully connected, it will automatically scan your device and will run the root exploit script to instal the SuperSU App.

Step 5. Within a few seconds, it will complete the process and during this your phone will automatically reboots.

Step 6. When your phone successfully reboots, check that SuperSU has been installed and Go to Google Play Store and search for the app, ‘Root Checker’ to verify root access.

Step 7. Congrats! You’ve successfully gain Root Access on your Verizon Galaxy S4 SCH-I545.

That’s it folks, it was all you needed to know and learn in order to successfully gain Root Access on your phone, it was an easy tutorial, and Hopefully you’ve got successful in your attempt. Do let us know in the comment section, how things went for you? For More Updates and Android relates stuffs do not forget to visit us back.

  • rick

    thank you it works i think but how do i install workmod to be able to flash kitkat? pls help

    • Hey rick thanks for the feedback and for installing clockworkmod recovery you’ll have to install ROM Manager from Google Play Store and there you’ll get the option to install it on your device, you can also download custom rom from there.

      • Joe Durso

        Hi this is not working for me. I run the .bat and it says the Daemon started successfully but stops there. phone doesnt do anything and script doesnt do anything.

        • Lucas

          Hi Joe,
          Try right clicking on the batch file and select “run as administrator”.

  • Charlie Bradley

    so i used safe root to root my gs4. then used goo manager to install twrp. got the successfully install custom recovery script message. hit reboot to recovery but phone does not reboot. if i reboot manually (volume up>home>power) it goes to android downloading do not turn off target!!!

    • Akshay Yarlagadda

      i think you accidently held the volume down button well rebooting

  • Edward Smith

    Looking to do this before VZW pushes 4.4
    Currently running FoxFi for tethering and they warn 4.4 will block wifi tethering.
    I assume that rooting will allow me to tether at will but will it also block VZW’s push of KitKat on to my device?

    Don’t really like touch-wizz so I might need to replace it?
    As a trucker I really have no options for connectivity other than VZW until Tmob gets better coverage outside major cities.

  • Lucas

    Also, don’t forget to freeze the update apk file using Titanium Backup. The file name is SDM.apk in System/App I believe. This should keep you from getting another update that would un-root the device.

  • Michael

    What do I do about Knox? It won’t let me install busybox

  • gary

    This is not working for me I keep getting ” cannot find the path” I’ve followed the instructions exactly I just can’t seem to get it to work.

  • chris carlson

    this did not work for me the command prompts did its thing but root checker still says no root access

  • Akshay Yarlagadda

    if it dosent work for you guys reboot the phone into download mode and then do this process. if it doesnt work again do it again but install samsung kies first

    • dale

      Do what process? I get root but cant get a custom recovery working. Just reboots to odin mode.

      • Akshay Yarlagadda

        found out recoverys dont work with s4 proprtly right now. but when rebooting hold the volume down button and the power button and then cansel downloadmode noramly when the warning comes up. itll reboot noramly. w

        • dale

          i was able to get a custom recovery on my s4 (vzw mk2) with safestrap.

  • Aaron

    Fresh S4 out of the box. Installed the drivers (and enabled USB, etc). When I run the batch file, even under admin, it just says waiting for device, unlock and grant permission to run but the phone never prompts me for anything. I’ve tried playing with the security and USB developer settings but it hasn’t helped at all. Any ideas?
    Note: currently I have “unknown sources” checked, “verify apps” checked (default, but this hasn’t made a difference), “USB debugging” enabled and “verify apps via USB” tried enabled and disabled and no change.

    • Aaron

      So I installed the drivers and Kies 3 on my XP machine (was using win7 64-bit originally). Seemed to randomly work. Verified Kies was able to connect to the S4. Closed out of that and ran the root batch file. Rooted.

  • rageboardr

    Simple and painless. worked just like it was supposed to. Does anyone know what files to mess with, and how to prevent the Kitkat update?