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Nandroid Backup - Howto

How to Perform Nandroid Backup on Android

You cannot always trust your Electronics devices, whether, it is a Smartphone, tablet, PC or Laptop, someday and one day, somehow it may crash and with that your all data also...
Entering Stock Recover Mode on Nexus 4

How to Reboot and Enter Recovery Mode on Google Nexus 4

If you’ve already installed Custom Recovery on your Google Nexus 4, and confused how to reboot or Enter Recovery mode, then, follow the step by step instructions, How to Enter/Reboot into...
Android - How to Uninstall Apps

Android Guide : How to Uninstall and Remove Apps

Google Play Store, is full of millions of Apps for your Android device and above all, Everyday, new several apps are added for Android devices. You may have many apps installed...
Android - Reboot to Safe Mode

How to Reboot Android Device into Safe Mode

If you have been using Windows, then most likely you would be familiar with Safe Mode, in safe mode your system, disables access to all 3rd party applications, letting you to...
How to remove forgotten Pattern Lock On Android

How to Remove Forgotten Passcode Patterns on Any Android Device

Android pattern lock, is more popular these days, and it is something good to keep your Android phone from unauthorized or unwanted access. But it is very usual, that you may...