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If you are an avid 8tracks user and love to use the service to listen to your favorite songs then you should start using it more often. You don’t even have to worry about this service because we bring you the most amazing app for your android smartphone known as the InfiniTracks which will let you listen to your favorite mixes and songs from the amazing song streaming service. You can use this app to listen to your favorite mixes on your android smartphone and start discovering great news music on your android smartphone that will give you the best songs for you to listen. You egta ll the basic features that are available in 8tracks on this amazing InfiniTracks app for your android smartphone. These features include but not limited to song searching, mix searching, user following, track liking, and mix playing. All these features will make your song listening experience to a whole new level. This amazing music app also fetches the next song from the mix with a gapless experience so you don’t have to wait for another track to load. All the songs are preloaded so you get an amazing music listening experience. If you love listening to great mixes depending on your mood then you will totally love this android app because it will bring you the best tracks based on the mood and genre you set.

InfiniTracks is the perfect app for your android smartphone that will give you the best music streaming on your android. You get the best music tracks that you can listen to depending on your mood.

Download and install InfiniTracks app on your Android smartphone

You can download the amazing InfiniTracks app on your android smartphone for free from here and start listening to the best mixes on your android smartphone.

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