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ClassUp is the powerful timetable and note, schedule(to-do), campus community app that makes a college or university student, instructor, professor more productive. Create your own personalized space of campus life using ClassUp. Every tools of ClassUp will add in to your actual campus life to make it more interesting and exciting! * If you are an instructor(professor), you can share class(course) information with your students using the class(course) note function. Manage class(course, lecture) enrollment and timetable supervision through search engines and manual input. Design your timetable using 65 colors and various style settings. Create infinite multiple timetables. Change your background image into your favorite picture.  Explore timetables of your friends. Save your timetable to your image gallery and share it with your friends or SNS. Write your class memo, schedule(to-do list), web information. Share your class memo, schedule with your classmates (optionally). Write your personal memo, schedule(to-do list), web information. Share your memo, schedule with your friends (optionally). Check your today’s class schedule and personal schedule. Explore and share news about your campus.

ClassUp is the perfect app for all the studnents out there who are looking for a simple app on their android smartphones to keep track of all their classes and educational activities. This amazing app will help all the students make sense out of their daily class schedules and activities in the school. If you are looking for an easy to use and simple app that manages all your study related stuff then this is the perfect app for you on your android smartphone so you always have access to it wherever you go.

Download and install ClassUp on your Android smartphone

You can download the amazing ClassUp on your android smartphone for free from here and start managing all your study related stuff on your android smartphone.

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