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Sonic Dash

Do you remember Sonic? the fastest ever hedgehog to run on the face of this earth? Do you remember enjoying the classic sonic games where you had to run and jump as fast as possible while jumping and destroying the enemies while collecting loads of coins along the way? If you still remember Sonic and his amazing adventures and want to relive the classic days of running and collecting coins with this fastest hedgehog ever then you should download and install the amazing Sonic Dash games on your android smartphone that will provide you with countless hours of amazing fun and excitement. This is one fast paced endless runner game featuring your favorite Sonic The Hedgehog who loves to run and jump while collecting all the golden rings. Dash along with Sonic in this fast paced adrenaline pumping adventure and collect a lot of coins along the way. In this game you have to run as fast as possible and for as long as possible. Don’t die along the way and get the highest score you possibly can. You can also choose to play as Sonic’s other friends like tails, or knuckles in this amazing running adventure.

Sonic Dash is one amazing game for your android smartphone that you will enjoy a lot if you are a big fan of Sonic. Even if you are not familiar with Sonic then you should be playing this game definitely to get to know one of the most amazing and fast characters in the video game history. This game will provide you with hours and hours of fun and excitement.

Download and install Sonic Dash on your Android phone

You can download the amazing Sonic Dash game on your android smartphone from here and start running, jumping, and collecting bucket loads of golden rings.


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