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If you are really forgetful and always forget important things in your daily life then you should not worry about anything at all because there are many android apps out there for your android smartphone that will easily keep every task in your head so you can perform your duties as usual without forgetting anything at all. Just download and install the amazing Collateral app on your android smartphone because this amazing android app will give you the ability to create amazing notes and lists that will stay on your notifications bar and keep you updated with all the tasks that you have to perform in your daily routine. Collateral allows you to create notes and lists that live in your notification area. Use it to remind yourself of important tasks or to create to-do lists that are accessible from anywhere.

Main features:

  • 300+ icons to choose from with recently used icons
  • Edit notifications that have already been created
  • Create previous notifications from the archive
  • Share information to and from Collateral
  • DashClock extension to display active notifications

Premium features:

  • Add actions to notes to complete tasks (call contact, etc.)
  • Add pictures to notes (choose from gallery/take with camera)
  • Add reminders to notifications to display them in the future
  • View upcoming reminders (even in the notification area)
  • Share pictures from outside Collateral to create notes
  • Choose notification color (Android 5.0+)

Collateral is the perfect android app for your android smartphone if you are really forgetful and keep forgetting your important tasks on daily basis. This amazing android app will keep you updated with everything that you have to perform everyday.

Download and install Collateral app on your Android phone

Download the amazing Collateral app on your android phone from here and always remember all the tasks that you have to perform on your daily basis.


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