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Do you get annoyed when you wake up in the morning and find out that 50% of your android phone’s battery has been depleted for no obvious reasons at all? Do you hate it when your android phone’s battery get depleted without you even touching the android smartphone at all? If that’s the case then you will be very happy to learn that we are bringing you a completely new and amazing android app that will never let your android smartphone\s battery got drained without any reason at all. No more worrying about your android phone’s battery going flat during your sleep. This app will make sure that your android phone’s battery stays almost the same as it was when you went to sleep. A little bit of drain doesn’t matter but there will not be any huge drains of your precious battery life at all. Mostly battery drains during your sleep time occur because there are many different apps running in the background hogging down on your precious android phone’s battery juice. With the help of Servicely you can actually set which apps should be killed when they are in the background. Just download and install Servicely on your android smartphone to make sure that no app starts draining your android phone’s battery when you are sleeping and not even using your android device.

Servicely is a great background app killing service that helps you save a lot of battery on your android phone by killing all the processes that are eating your android’s battery and resources in the background. This app requires root in order to do its duty. So make sure you have already rooted your device.

Download and install Servicely on your Android Smartphone

You can download the amazing Servicely app on your Android smartphone from here and kill all the background apps on your android that are draining your phone’s battery.


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