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Want to move all your content to the cloud but can’t seem to decide which cloud storage service is the best for you? If that’s you then you need to keep reading this post because we’re going to introduce to you one of the most amazing and reliable cloud storage service that you can ever find. Remember Megaupload? Yes, the one that got sacked and destroyed by the feds. Well, it’s not completely destroyed because the owner has come back with a vengeance and created a completely new cloud storage service known as MEGA. This is one of the most secure and reliable online storage service that you will find right now in the market. Don’t go onto dropbox, box, OneDrive, etc just yet because MEGA is going to change the way you save and download your files from the cloud. Other cloud services offer you free space and you can never be sure if your data is safe or maybe, the provider of the service is looking at your files keeping a check. Well, not with MEGA because this service encrypts and decrypts all your stored files and these files are encrypted and decrypted by the client device, so the service doesn’t know anything about it. They don’t get to look at it and your private data is completely private. You also get free 50GB of cloud storage for just signing up for an account on this amazing cloud storage service. This is enough space for many casual users of cloud storage, however, hardcore users who have a lot of data to be uploaded can pay for extra space and it’s definitely worth each dollar spent for the secure and safe online cloud storage service.

MEGA is the best online cloud storage service for people who are looking for a secure and reliable storage on the cloud.

Download and install MEGA On your Android Smartphone

You can download the cool new MEGA app on your Android smartphone from here and save all your data on the cloud with complete security.


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