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Have you seen the latest android smartphones with a cool new feature where the incoming call gets automatically answered when you bring the android phone closer to your face? It is definitely a cool feature but not all android smartphones have this feature and if you are using a slightly old android phone then your phone might not actually have this great feature. However, that’s no reason for you to be disappointed because even if your android smartphone doesn’t come with this cool feature built-in, you can still download an android app that will provide your android phone with this cool new feature and you can use this automatic calling thing to your advantage. You don’t even have to root your android smartphone to add the feature to your device instead you can download the amazing SpeakerPhone Ex app on your android smartphone and add the auto answering option to your android device without tweaking with this phone’s settings at all. This cool app uses your android smartphone’s proximity sensor and lightsensor to determine the location of the phone in regards to your face. If you receive a call on your android phone and bring it close to your face the call will be answered automatically and if you take it away from your face for any reason then this app will automatically activate the phone’s speaker so you can talk with the other person without having to put the android phone on your ear. The app runs in the background of your android phone so it doesn’t drain the battery of your precious phone either but you can also deactivate the app with just one tap on the screen if you don’t want to use the feature anymore.

Download and install SpeakerPhone Ex On your Android Smartphone

You can download the cool new SpeakerPhone Ex app on your Android smartphone for free from here and add a cool new feature to your android phone.


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