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There are many malicious people who are spying on you without your knowledge and they are doing it for their profits. The governments are spying on you all the time for different reasons, even the retailers, the shopkeepers, and most people who are connected to the same wifi network as you can pry upon your personal info. They can easily make your android device announce what other networks it knows with some simple trickery which leads them to find out different details regarding you by making the connections between wifi networks and your other networks. Your android device automatically scans for wifi networks and connects to the trusted network but you don’t have to let your device announce all the networks it has in it’s memory so you can download the secure and safe Pry-Fi app on your android smartphone and make sure that your device is safe. Pry-Fi is a great android security tool that will mask all the known and trusted networks in your android smartphone and never let your android phone announce any information or broadcast any personal information out there which makes it easier for you to keep all your details safe and secure in your android smartphone.

Pry-Fi is the only android app that you have to download to keep other people from prying on your personal life and your sensitive details. Your android smartphone will be safe and secure with this app installed and you won’t have to worry about ever leaking your personal details to anyone in any untrusted wifi network. This app will safely scan the area of any wifi network and connect you to it without leaking any sensitive information out to other people who are also connected to the wifi network.

Download and install Pry-Fi on your Android smartphone

You can download the amazing safe and secure Pry-Fi app on your Android smartphone for free from here and make your android smartphone completely secure.


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