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Are you remembering the old days when graphics didn’t matter at all and the only thing that you required in the game was having a lot of fun and an addictive gameplay? If that’s what you are remembering then you will be really glad to know that we are bringing you a game from the past. Well, technically it’s not from the past but the graphics of the game will definitely take you back to the early days of gaming when only thing considered good on the screen were pixelated characters. This brings us to the amazing new game known as PIXELMAN. This is one amazing and exciting super hero game where you take the role of a pixel superhero known as Pixelman who wants to save the citizens of pixelville. The city has been under constant attacks from the evil Lord Baron Von Pixel who wants to destroy the city and rebuild it into something new and become the ruthless leader, however, you have to make sure that the evil villain never succeeds in his plans. You have to fly endlessly in this exciting game while saving different people and animals in trouble. You have to save innocent lives in danger. You also have to avoid and dodge all the obstacles and weapons of the evil lord. Make sure that you are not hit otherwise you will fall to your death and the city will be ruled by the evil villain. When you save 5 or more people from danger or animals in trouble, your superhero will go in a super combo mode where you can start earning extra points for each successful rescue.

Download and install PIXELMAN on your Android smartphone

You can download the amazing and exciting PIXELMAN game for your android smartphone for free from here and save the city of pixelville from the evil lord pixel.

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