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Google Now is a great app that was introduced by Google to make your phone even much more amazing with hands free commands and extra features. However, even this amazing android app by google has some limits and you can’t add custom voice commands to the Google Now ervice to make it do anything you want. You can’t add any custom command for doing a specific task hands free so if you really want to add some custom commands then you either have to resort to more technical methods like rooting your android phone and then adding some commands or you can just sue it with the features that it comes built-in with. However, you can now download the amazing android app known as Commandr that will let you add any number of custom voice commands to do any specific tasks via the Google now app on your android smartphone. Best of all, this app doesn’t even require your android smartphone to have root permission so you can pretty much install it right now and start using it to add any number of voice commands to the Google now android app. You can use this app to add awesome new voice commands to your android smartphone’s Google now, you can use it to toggle the flashlight with voice, control your music, toggle any quick setting everything with just a simple voice command. You can access almost all of the features on your android smartphone with the Google Now app using your voice with the help of Commandr app on your android device. This is the best app if you are interested in using your voice to control your android smartphone.

Download and install Commandr on your Android smartphone

You can download the amazing Commandr app on your Android smartphone for free from here and make your android phone do anything with voice.


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