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When you start feeling sleepy and your lights start going off what do you need to keep you up and running and active like a racehorse? You guessed it right a hot cup of caffeine is all it takes to keep you focused and active working on your task. Well, the same goes for your smartphone and other android devices as well. Normally, all android smartphones timeout after a certain time and the screen goes dim eventually going off to save your battery but sometimes you need the screen to be on because you are using some app continuously and you don’t want your android’s display to go off. Well in that case your android device also needs some Caffeine but don’t just go about throwing hot cups of coffee on your android tablet or dip your precious android smartphone in the coffee maker just yet because your device needs the Caffeine app to keep itself up and running all the time without going off anytime. This great app will never let your device’s screen or display go dim or off at all and you can easily do anything you want. Your android device won’t standby or sleep if this amazing app is active on your android device. This is very useful when you want to keep your device active when using certain apps. You can even set this great app to become active only when you are using certain apps this way you can make sure that your device never sleeps when you are using certain android apps and it will go back to sleep when you are done using the android app.

Caffeine is a great app to keep your android active for as long as you want without having to manually do it by yourself all the time.

Download and install Caffeine on your Android smartphone

You can download the Caffeine app on your android smartphone for free from here and give your android device a boost to stay awake all the time when you need.


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