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Android platform lets you do many amazing things with your android smartphone. You can do so many new things on your android smartphone and there are a lot of new features that you can use on your android device. The best thing that you can do on your android platform is tweak your android smartphone and perform amazing functions that are not possible on other devices at all. If you think that going to the drawer for apps and opening a specific app is a bit of problem for you and it is annoying for you then you should look for an amazing android app that will help you get to all your apps quickly from anywhere on your android phone. You can download the amazing Bar Launcher app on your android smartphone that will let you open any app that you have already put in the Bar Launcher from anywhere on your android smartphone. Even when you are using a different app suddenly you want to open another app but for this you will have to close the app that you are using first and then you will have to navigate to the app drawer on your android phone and find the app that you want to open and tap it. However, with this amazing app you can actually put all your favorite apps in your notification bar, just like the quick toggle buttons and then you can access all your favorite apps via your android smartphone’s notification bar. You can access it from anywhere and put as many apps as you want in the notification bar with the Bar Launcher android app.

Download and install Bar Launcher on your Android smartphone

You can download the amazing Bar Launcher app on your Android smartphone for free from here and access all your favorite apps from the notification bar.


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